VR in HR: Why Virtual Reality is the Future of Corporate Learning

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4 Perspectives and case studies on how learning teams are applying VR to L&D. Table of Contents:

  • Virtualization, Globalization and the New World of Work. An Interview with Karmiko Burton, Senior Manager, Global Franchise Training & Capability, Taco Bell
  • How Wells Fargo Leverages Voice Enabled Intelligence Augmentation to Improve Employee Performance. Interview and presentation by Ken Hubbell, Senior Vice President, Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation, Wells Fargo
  • Blending Technology and Learning at Six Flags. Presentation by Jayson Maxwell, Corporate Director of Learning & Development, Six Flags
  • How New Employee Demographics and the Digital-Thinking Workforce are Driving the Shift in Technology. Presentation by Jamie Dalferes, VP Learning & Talent Development, Lincoln Property Management
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