Membership Benefits

Benefit 1

You’ll join our existing membership audience—which includes 20,000 learning executives and approximately 5,000 Fortune ranked CLOs, CHROs & C-suite executives involved in learning activities.

Benefit 2

You’ll learn from a virtual “who's who” in the world of strategic management and training how to continuously make your present training organization more effective; find and realize emerging areas for high payoff training results and; make your existing internal training organization (ITO) into a new organization for a new future.

Benefit 3

We offer alumni of CLN learning events, including IQPC's CLO Exchanges, online learning forums to share experiences with putting into practice what was learned at a given event.

Benefit 4

We share trends and relevant current topics via articles, video interviews, podcasts, live/online conferences, and CLO Exchanges in the areas of:

  • Management/leadership/workforce development
  • Strategy-supportive training
  • Instructional design
  • Technology-assisted learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • The potential inflationary impact of explosive deficits
  • Socialism v. Drucker's post-capitalist society
  • The new population dynamics & how it will impact organizations of all kinds and sizes
  • And dozens of other timely topics.

Benefit 5

You’ll enhance your understanding–through our online community, live conferences & CLO Exchanges–of the specific tasks involved in capitalizing on today's state and federal incentive-based skilling and re-skilling programs… and learn how others are developing/implementing systematic, well-organized learning programs to carry out required training in far less time with less effort, & yet with astonishing results.