American Business Consultant, Chairman Emeritus of Consulting, Former Chairman of Consulting, Former Chairman and CEO Theorist and Author, Dell Services, Perot Systems, CSC Index

Jim Champy is a leading authority on management issues surrounding business reengineering, process and organizational change, and corporate renewal. He has consulted and advised senior-level executives of multinational companies and large healthcare organizations, seeking to improve performance, as well as advising the management teams of emerging companies. He is also engaged in the governance of several major educational institutions. 

Most recently, Mr. Champy was Chairman Emeritus, Consulting, for Dell Services. Prior to Dell, Mr. Champy was Chairman of Consulting and Head of Strategy for Perot Systems from 1996 to 2009. Perot was acquired by Dell in November of 2009.

Before joining Perot, Mr. Champy was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CSC Index, the management consulting arm of Computer Sciences Corporation. He was one of the original founders of Index, a consulting practice that was acquired by CSC in 1988.

Mr. Champy is co-author of Reengineering the Corporation, a best-seller which was on the New York Times best-seller list for more than a year and sold more than two million copies; it has been translated into 17 languages. Reengineering has been recognized as one of the most influential business books of our times.

Mr. Champy’s latest book, Reengineering Health Care, A Manifesto for Radically Rethinking Health Care Delivery, co-authored with Dr. Harry Greenspun, applies reengineering thinking to the challenges of radically changing the delivery of care.

Champy earned his BS in 1963 and his MS in Civil Engineering in 1965 from M.I.T., and a JD degree from Boston College Law School in 1968. 

Champy is a Life Member Emeritus Fellow of the MIT Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Board of Trustees, where he also Chairs the Dean’s Advisory Council for the School of Engineering. He is a member of the Oncology/Hematology Visiting Committee of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the  Business Advisory Council of the Boston College Law School, and the President’s Advisory Council for the Berklee College of Music.

Mr. Champy is a member and lead director of the Board of Directors of Analog Devices, Inc., a public company and global leader in high-performance semi conductors for signal processing applications. He also serves on the advisory boards of several privately held companies.

Main Conference Day One: Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

8:30 AM OPENING KEYNOTE: Reinventing L&D Organizations to Meet Today’s New Training/Learning Challenges

Today’s L&D organization faces unprecedented challenges & opportunities. Scarcer economic resources, new business demands related to competing on analytics & successfully applying advancing technology are driving L&D to rethink its role & how to add maximum value.

As responsibilities evolve, so too must the L&D organization itself. New demands require profoundly different ways of operating: new organizational structures, processes, management systems & jobs.

“Spend a few hours” with Jim Champy, Chairman Emeritus of Consulting at Dell Services; Former Chairman of Consulting at Perot Systems; and author of Reengineering the Corporation–a 2 million copy best-seller.

His views on making knowledge work & knowledge workers more productive have tutored not just companies but government agencies & nations. Get eyeopening advice on how L&D organizations can meet these new demands. You owe it to yourself, your organization & your career to learn what must be done to avoid embarrassing non-results.

Get straightforward insights on:
  • THE CHALLENGE AHEAD: What L&D actions must be taken today to prepare your organization for the power of disruption & groundbreaking new technologies?
  • THE EXECUTIVE BENCH: Why the ultimate measure of L&D’s success is the depth of the organization’s executive bench–and why many L&D organizations fail in building leadership at the top.
  • STRATEGY EXECUTION CAPABILITIES: How does L&D effectively identify, disseminate & convert the organization’s strategy into company-wide strategysupportive training?
  • RETHINKING ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN: The current structure of many organizations inhibits the changes needed to address the challenges ahead & requires input of L&D in helping align the firm’s organizational structure with its strategy.
  • DESIGNING CAREER PRODUCTS FOR ATTRACTING & KEEPING NEW WORKFORCE ENTRIES: Today’s career professionals want opportunity, challenge & growth–demanding organizations build continuous learning into the job and into the organization to deliver on what’s promised.

4:00 PM

These sessions will be facilitated by various thought leaders within the L&D space, providing you with the necessary skillsets, leadership and mentalities to cater to your personal and professional development. These 1-hour sessions are purposebuilt to provide practical advice to various levels of seniorities in the L&D function. These sessions will run simultaneously, and delegates will need to pre-register as we have limited availability:

  • CLO levels
  • VP/Director Levels
  • Manager Levels

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining JIM.

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