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February 24 - 27, 2020

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View your event guide – 2018 Corporate Learning Week

HIGHLY CURATED ATTENDEES. HIGHER CALIBER CONTENT. HIGHEST ROI.Each year, CLW shares Inspirational Stories of L&D Leadership, Innovation, Growth and Transformation. We'll be back in its original home of sunny Orlando from 11/27 - 11/30, focusing on powerful new tools and cap ...

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Small Steps to Big Wins: How Microlearning Transforms Organizations

Presented by GrovoThis guide explains the method, philosophy, and business benefits of microlearning. The idea is simple: in an environment of information overload, small content is the only way to engage learners in the process of building successful behaviors.

Developing a Strong Culture in a Tech-Centered Business

Zappos is world renowned for its strong — and some times quirky — culture. As an e-tailer, it can be hard, however, to get employees tethered to their computers to interact face to face. As the leadership development program manager at Zappos IP, Rich Hazeltine is tasked with passing on...

CLW's Learning Ecosystem E-Book

Interested in optimizing your learning ecosystem? In this packet find out how leading edge companies such as RBC and IBM cultivate exceptional learning experiences with design thinking, learning analytics and business-aligned L&D strategies. Includes 3 past presentations on: Designing & Developing a 21st Century Learning Ecosystem The Architects of Experience,...

The Modern Learning Experience featuring Kate Berardo, Head of Leadership Development at Facebook

A conversation with Kate Berardo, Head of Leadership Development at Facebook, where she leads a global team responsible for curating the best learning content for all employees across the company. Found out how she and her team have designed personalized learning that ranges from ‘bring your own content’ courses that...

Results from our Annual Survey: Top L&D Leadership Priorities for 2018

Results from our survey of over 100+ senior-level corporate learning executives on their top L&D challenges, investments and key objectives for 2018. 

Where is Learning Analytics Heading in 2018? Key Trends, Challenges & More

We surveyed 100+ learning analytics leaders to find out what's trending in 2018? Learn more about:Budget Trajectory for Learning Analytics Solutions in 2018Learning Analytics Solutions TrendsTop Metrics for determing ROI on L&D Investments Top Challenges in learning analytics adoptionand more!

From Hands-On to Headset: VR + Immersive Technology for L&D E-Book

Our VR and Immersive Tech e-book contains 3 case studies from the next frontier of L&D. Download 3 presentations on:Virtualization, Globalization and the New World of Work. An Interview with Karmiko Burton, Senior Manager, Global Franchise Training & Capability, Taco BellHow Wells Fargo Leverages Voice Enabled Intelligence Augmentation to Improve...

2018 L&D TRENDS: How 5 Fortune 500 Companies Approach Learning & Development

Reality check your corporate learning framework in this overview of how the biggest and most profitable approach L&D. Take a look at how Walmart, Ford, Nationwide, AT&T and Boeing have:Established a big picture vision for learning excellenceHave tied their learning objectives to business priorities Cultivated a culture of innovation and...

Adapt or Die: 6 Trends and Innovations Poised to Reinvent L&D

Where is the future of L&D headed? What skills, concepts and ideologies do you need to familiarize yourself with now in order to ensure your learning organization stays relevant for years to come? In this infographic, we outline the top trends and innovations shaping the future of corporate learning such...

Embracing Invisible L&D: AbbVie Hides Its Course Guide to Equip Its Leaders for Success

This Case Study by Bersin explores how Abbvie radically changed how the company develops leaders by adopting an approach that enabled learning wherever and whenever it occurs in the organization and spur business-focused discussions with leaders about development needs.This 15 page report:Describes the key challenges that motivated AbbVie to rethink...

Workplace Privacy and Protection: Is Your Employer Watching Your Every Move?

Employers are increasingly gathering data on employees – from workplace behavior to social media use and other personal information—to produce insights that benefit the business. This raises a significant question. Is your employer watching your every move? The findings in this report explore corporate use of employee data, metrics, and...

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Corporate Learning Week - Project Intelligence Report

Click download to see the CLW Project Intelligence Report. To receive your copy through email, contact What’s inside-Attendee Seniority, Job Function, IndustryAttendee CompaniesInvestment PrioritiesProject TimelinesAnd more…

Corporate Learning Week - Sponsorship Prospectus

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2016 Presentations

Architecting an Agile L&D Environment

Key Takeaways: - How Nationwide brought their agile corporate learning strategy into action, guiding all activities related to learning - Seven areas of learning practice that reflect the overarching corporate strategy and how each was accomplished - Focus on how learning systems and learning standards have moved the strategy into...

Big Leadership Impact Without the Big Learning Budget

Many organizations have very small training budgets but still are expected to deliver “BIG” results. This session focuses on how to develop a focused and impactful leadership development program that changes behaviors and provides the “BIG” results on a small budget.

Mastering Your Content Ecosystem with LCMS and xAPI

Is your learning content working to improve employee and business performance? LCMS can be used to create content that can be used and reused in any curriculum, format or device, designing their enterprise learning strategy around scalable learning assets. This session will provide insight into using an LCMS to know...

Creating a Partnering Culture at Equifax

Jane Shirley, SVP Strategic Alliances, Equifax shares how Corporate Learning Leaders at Equifax cultivated their winning One Alliance culture.

International Ethics and Compliance Training Simplified

Join us for a journey across Walmart International’s 28 countries, 800,000 International associates and more than 6,000 stores to identify solutions for implementing effective Ethics and Compliance training. Jennifer Buchanan Senior Director, International Ethics and Compliance Training & Awareness WALMART INTERNATIONAL

Driving Results through Upfront Goal Setting and Outcome Measurement

A hallmark of a high impact learning organization is its ability to tie key training results to organizational goals. Presented By: David Vance President, CENTER FOR TALENT REPORTING; Founding & Former President of Caterpillar University @ CATERPILLAR

Leadership Certifications for a 2020 Workplace

Bridgestone, MTSU & the Military Academies Presentation by Stacy Henry, Head of Enterprise Learning & Leadership Development, Bridgestone

Mastering Change Management & Values-Based Leadership to Thrive in Complex Times

The pace of change is pushing the limits of even the most nimble organizations, and exposing reliance on outdated leadership models and deficient tools. In today’s complex global environment, we need a new paradigm for thinking about organizational transformation and practical tools we can use to coach ourselves and our...

The Forgotten Fundamental of Human Performance: Managing Attention in the Age of Overwhelm and Distraction

Presented By: Jeremy Hunter Founding Director, EXECUTIVE MIND LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE Creator, “The Executive Mind” at Drucker School of Management, CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY

Featured Content

Ryan Named One of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Texas by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work®

Did we mention that Tony Bridwell, Chief People Officer, Ryan will be a keynote speaker at the 2018 CLW? Find out why Ryan is a Great Place to Work® here!

The State of People Analytics: How to Hire & Retain the Right Talent in 2018

To create a well-rounded report on the current state of people analytics and data privacy, we conducted two separate evaluations. In Part 1, we surveyed 150+ HR leaders across a wide range of industries to gain an understanding of the current state of people analytics. We asked respondents to benchmark...

2017 Corporate Learning Week Post Show Report

Adaptive Learning. Driving L&D Leadership. Mentorship and Culture Change. Attendees reveled in all of this and more at this year’s Corporate Learning Week in Dallas. You could feel the energy buzzing in the atmosphere throughout all four conference days with rotating roundtable discussions, two new site tours at Southwest Airlines...

CLW Past Attendee Snapshot: Who attended in 2017?

Interested in learning more about who you will meet and learn from at the 2018 Corporate Learning Week? Divided by job title and company, our past attendee snapshot outlines who attended last year. 

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Speaker Perspectives

CLW Magazine: Expert Perspectives on Leadership Development, Learning Analytics, Employee Experience and other Core L&D Concepts

A collection of 7 Conversations with 7 2017 CLW speakers on core L&D concepts, innovations and methodologies such as:Building VUCA resistant leadersThe powerful connection between EX and CXCultivating a culture of conscious capitalismGetting started with learning analytics and data visualizationOnboarding transformation & Optimizationand more!Hear thought-provoking perspectives from L&D leaders such...

2017 Presentations

Developing a Culture of Mentorship

Organization leaders are challenged to grow and retain quality employees. Developing a culture of mentorship is more than just creating a program, it is an effective way to support commitment and engagement. The speakers will talk about the current state of mentorship and present an example of an organization that...

Building an Innovative Learning Organization with Russell Sarder, Author, Investor and CEO of NetCom Learning and Sarder TV

What makes organizations successful? Today, most successful companies are learning organizations. These organizations are composed of engaged, motivated employees who continually seek improvement, which leads toorganizational agility and the ability to innovate ahead of the curve. When you encourage learning at every level, from the intern to the C suite,...

The Business Case for a Courageous Coaching Conversation with Participant Guide

Presentation by Tony Herrera, Chief Learning Officer, LPL Financial on the dynamic concepts and skills of effective coaching. As they deal with these issues they explore the assumptions embedded in their view of the problem, and how these assumptions often drive their thinking and behavior. By learning to actively surface...

Maximize Learning Outcomes – Techniques to Capture Attention and Boost Engagement

Presentation by Ben Leikach, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, EveniumUse technology to strengthen learning in small, hands-on, intensive trainings and workshopsCultivate meaningful conversations and connections through social and visual collaborationLeverage analytics and capture data to demonstrate effectiveness, potency and participation

Upskilling Ourselves: Recharge your Leadership through Self-Management with Jeremy Hunter, Founding Director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute

While most leadership development programs train skill, many gloss over a critical component: self-management. As research indicates, leaders who have prioritized self-management and mindfulness are not only better equipped to lead, but help boost their organization’s financial performance, among many other tangible results. Focusing on focus, this opening session at...

Integrated Talent Management: Inter-professional Collaboration as a Catalyst for a Next-Gen People Strategy

Examine inter-professional collaboration as a key enabler to optimize talent and shift cultureSurface barriers impacting deep collaboration - moving from “Grit” to gainEstablish effectiveness of the whole picture through analyticPresentation by:Cynthia Pigeon, Director of Learning Operations, Texas Health ResourcesCharisse Jimenez, Physician Leadership Development Leader, Texas Health ResourcesCandy Baptist, Senior Learning...

Learning and Process Design at the Speed of Business

Presentation by Mary Farrell, Senior Leader, R&D Supply Chain Learning Academies, The Hershey CompanyDid you ever try to create learning assets while the process was still being finalized or before the facility was even built? This was certainly a new challenge for Hershey’s Supply Chain Learning team. Come and hear how...

Driving Engagement through a Focus on Career Development

Presentation by Michelle Thompson, Vice President of Learning and Development, Capital Group. The past 3 engagement surveys at Capital Group delivered a clear message that our associates felt we could improve our support of their careers and their development. After detailed analysis, Capital Group established an enterprise philosophy and focused...

My Learning at LinkedIn: Closing Capstone from a Leadership and Coaching Leader

If your coaching discipline doesn’t align to bottom-line results, it simply doesn’t get the job done. Drawing on expertise as Head of Leadership, Management, and Coaching for LinkedIn, Jeremy Stover will discuss his organization’s approach to contextualized, metric-driven coaching. He’ll also offer his expertise on helping teams reframe coaching as...

Integrating Diversity and Inclusion in Learning and Talent Development Programs

Presentation by Kelley Cornish, SVP, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, TD. Drawing on 25 years of experience as a multi-industry diversity and inclusion leader, Kelley Cornish will unpack the ways in which D&I must be a crucial component for today’s learning and talent development programs.D&I’s Innovation and evolution in today’s...

Sarder TV: 'Learning Is' Compilation

A compilation of corporate leaders explain what learning means to them. 

L&D Videos

2018 CLW Agenda Overview Video: The Go-To L&D Event of the Year

View this 1 minute video that runs you through a speaker snapshot, a session snapshot, and all other items included in your CLW experience. 

Back to Human: How Great Leaders Build Connections in the Age of Isolation

Ahead of the 2018 Corporate Learning Week, we sat down with keynote speaker Dan Schawbel, Partner and Research Director at Future Workplace and New York Times bestselling author of Future Workplace to discuss how technology is increasing isolation in the workplace and what companies can do to bring people back...

Using L&D as a Key to Tie Strategy to the Business

We sat down with 2018 CLW speaker Deborah Wilson, Global Head Learning and Development, Wunderman to discuss how Wonderman's L&D team effectively partners with the business to drive strategic outcomes.  Key topics of discussion include:Key challenges L&D leaders face when partnering with business and how to overcome themHow to enable...

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2018 Attendee Snapshot - Who Will Be At CLW in November?

Meet the CLW community you will be among at Corporate Learning Week on 11/27 in Orlando, FL.

[Report] What's Trending in Learning Analytics for 2019?

After surveying 100+ global learning and development leaders to gain a better understanding of where learning analytics is headed over the next few years. The survey results provide insight into budget trajectories for 2019, investment priorities over the next 24 months, top challenges, analytics maturity benchmarks, the most popular metrics...

Big Data, Analytics and L&D: How Verizon, McDonald's, Christus Health & Andeavor are Driving Innovation with Learning Analytics

Forward-thinking companies across all industries are embracing learning analytics to better understand and optimize their learning environments. In this Learning Analytics ebook, we sat down with three 2018 Corporate Learning Week speakers from Verizon, McDonald's & Christus Health to discuss:How they're using learning analytics to not only improve the efficiency...

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2018 CLW On-Site Agenda

Please see the final on-site agenda for 2018 CLW at the B Resort and Spa in Orlando, FL.

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Learn more about the jam packed C-Level Executive sessions and speakers we have attending and presenting at Corporate Learning Week. 

Talent Management Focus at CLW

Learn more about the exciting talent management sessions and executive level speakers we have attending and presenting at Corporate Learning Week. 

Site Tours at the 2018 CL Week!

What's a number one reason to attend CLW? Our amazing site tours! View the times, dates, details, and exclusive locations of our 2018 site tours.

View your event guide – 2018 Corporate Learning Week

HIGHLY CURATED ATTENDEES. HIGHER CALIBER CONTENT. HIGHEST ROI.Each year, CLW shares Inspirational Stories of L&D Leadership, Innovation, Growth and Transformation. We'll be back in its original home of sunny Orlando from 11/27 - 11/30, focusing on powerful new tools and cap ...