Executive Director Center for Talent Reporting

From the moment his long-awaited book,Measurement Demystified: Creating Your L&D Measurement, Analytics, & Reporting Strategy(with Peggy Parskey) hit the bookstores in November, 2020, a measurement-driven L&D revolution was sparked into action.

The best L&D measurement plan is only good intentions unless it leads into specific work. What makes a plan capable of producing results is an accompanying how-to-do-it set of methodologies. Unless such methodologies are spelled out, there are only promises & hopes but no tangible results.

David L. Vance, former CLO/founder of Caterpillar University, & now Executive Director for the Center for Talent Reporting – an organization dedicated to improving the measurement, reporting & management of human capital – has truly demystified exactly "what to measure & how to measure" with respect to quantifying the ROI in training/learning activity/programs.

In this keynote presentation Dave will detail – in clear, simple language –a methodology or process to ensure training initiatives are aligned with desired strategic/tactical outcomes. He'll cover an easy-to-use framework for classifying, selecting, computing, & reporting the most appropriate measures designed to prove to the most demanding CFOs & CEOs that investments in training/learning deliver maximum value to the organization.

L&D & Talent Management Executives are under increasing pressure to ensure training/learning programs support the overall goals of the organization. Dave will get you started on what might be termed the ultimate learning measurement playbook for learning leaders charged with the awesome responsibility of equipping employees with the needed skills to convert corporate strategy into action.

2021 Corporate Learning Week Program

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