Dave Vance Joins CLN's Inaugural Advisory Board

Vance is the former Chief Learning Officer for Caterpillar

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Dave Vance is the Executive Director of the Center for Talent Reporting, the former Chief Learning Officer for Caterpillar and an inaugural member of the CLN Advisory Board. To learn more about him, please watch the interview above. You may also read a short biography here.

“No man is so wise that he can afford to wholly ignore the advice of others.”

As often is the case, there are just some things that are timeless. That can certainly be said about the above mentioned directive written by Lendall Basford in his 1882 book Sparks from the Philosopher’s Stone. Even though the book was written nearly 140 years ago (138 to be exact), it is worth considering in today’s world.

Advisory Board Created

The Members

Keeping Basford’s words in mind, the Corporate Learning Network set forth to create an exclusive advisory board group. After weeks of phone calls and virtual meetings, we are proud to announce we have assembled a one-of-a-kind, singular collection of committed and brilliant learning professionals and thought leaders.

This group, its members made up of leaders just like you, are in the trenches every day and thus, will be providing a unique insight into the learning space. As such, they will be able to give real, actionable advice and innovations for you… our audience. It’s knowledge share at its best.

As the editorial manager, I have played a key role in finding these leaders, spending time with them and picking their individual brains on a plethora of topics. We will be introducing each of our inaugural members to you via social media and will be providing video interviews with each member on CLN. Visit the homepage each week for new content and interviews from advisory board members.


Dave Vance
Executive Director
Center for Talent Reporting