COVID-19 Resources for Learning Leaders

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Across the globe, organizations continue to focus on their respective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite level or title, leaders are looking at every possibility to continue creating successful outcomes for the future of work and business. Learning leaders within these organizations aren’t immune.

With that in mind, the Corporate Learning Network has created a content hub, a catalogue if you will, of content and resources geared toward helping those in the corporate learning industry weather the current crisis and to plan for the world post COVID-19.

COVID-19 Crisis

The Impact on Corporate Learning

One of the first pieces listed in the hub takes a tactical, strategic look at the impact the virus has had on corporate learning so far. Chiefly, the article focuses on critical action steps leaders must take to ensure learning is protected and allowed to continue given the reality we all face. It also takes a serious look at the COVID-19 economy and the reality of what organizations will be dealing with from a learning perspective.

Steps to take according to the article include:

  • Setting up a learning response team
  • Redefining in-person programs
  • The need to use digital learning strategies

Advice from Peter F. Drucker’s Teachings

 Although Peter F. Drucker–the man who “created management”–died in 2005, his teachings remain very much ‘alive’ and are practiced all over the world today. In fact, many are being used by leaders to mitigate the current environment.

An excerpt from the article written by one of the most respected Drucker experts in the world – Dr. William Cohen, Major General, USAF, Retired and author of five Drucker management books -- can be found below:

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday's logic.”

Following yesterday’s logic is always the natural thing to do and it may work, although there is typically a downside.

We are all too frequently presented a dilemma of only two equally bad alternatives. If we shut down our businesses, schools, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. and require everyone to stay at home, social distancing does work. The problem is that unless we do something different additionally, it also destroys our economy.

Certain enterprises are doing well, a few even better than before the pandemic. These enterprises recognize that if they weren't being an entrepreneur before COVID–19, they must do so now. 

Adapting to Constant Change

“To prepare their people to help lead change, leaders need a workplace culture that lives and breathes adaptability–a culture with agility in its DNA.”

That quote comes from an article contributed to the Corporate Learning Network by Gallup News. In an organization where agility is embraced, employees are empowered to thin on their feed and to innovate as easily as they breathe. The article provides a step-by-step process for creating a change-leading workplace culture.

  1. Involve, trust and empower your people
  2. Prioritize manager development
  3. Use analytics to get ahead of employees perceptions and emotions
  4. Create a culture of learning

Other Content Hub Resources

The three resources mentioned above only scratch the surface of what’s offered in our COVID-19 resources content hub. Additional topics include a guide for leaders who went from having an in-person team to a remote team,  the myths and realities of the coronavirus and leadership during a crisis, how to restructure your organization to allow room for innovation, and much more.

To read this content and more, check out our content hub here.


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