L&D Leadership in a Time of Great Change: News About Our Virtual Conference

Most seasoned L&D executives have been through economic crises before. They know the agony before the organization adapts and bounces back.

Yet with 50% of the world GDP in lockdown, the collapse in business activity is far more severe than in previous recessions. That's the reality.

The focus of our upcoming virtual conference, "L&D Leadership in a Time of Great Change," is to help you navigate through uncharted waters. To learn from the best. To avoid expensive trial-and-error learning.

Why Attend This Virtual Conference?

You'll hear case studies, winning strategies and evidence-based results from strategic management leaders & learning executives charged with the awesome responsibility of managing L&D in today's new business climate from companies like Allstate, Siemens Roche and many more.

Specifically, you'll learn how the best L&D organizations are:

…Making their companies capable for quicker adoption of new competitive technologies & preparing their workforces for the business of survival.

…Now realizing America's new economic landscape presents an urgent need for focusing on continuous productivity improvement & purposeful innovation to help their organization weather the coming economic storm.

…Revamping their organizations' learning goals, learning methods and internal structures to cope, adjust & stay in control as our once safe and secure world goes into a tailspin.

…Adopting state-of-the-art digital approaches to provide learning to more employees in more-customized ways (online & audio courses, videoconferencing, interactive simulations, one-on-one mentoring/coaching sessions & much more).

…Organizing for continuous peer to peer sharing of best internal practices & designing formal courses to enable (where necessary) underperforming units to put into practice what the successful units are doing to achieve superior results.

…Using a structured Peter F. Drucker methodology for identifying/abandoning the things that do not work; the things that have never worked; the things that have outlived their usefulness & their capacity to contribute to performance & results.

…Advancing digital mentoring/coaching/performance consulting to ensure skill acquisition training (drill, practice, & continuous feedback) involves organizational experts who can correct fast forgetting, slow learning & slippage using today's state-of-the-art digital technologies.

…Preparing to offer digital learning programs on producing & managing innovation using a combination of successful outcome innovation approaches including those of Peter F. Drucker (Innovation is not a eureka moment; it is an acquired management skill that can be taught, learned & practiced).

…Enabling their enterprises to to adopt the ideal organizational structure(s) for a knowledge-based workforce which replace command-and-control structures that impede knowledge worker productivity.

…Broadly disseminating the practice of mindfulness to achieve quantum leaps in knowledge worker productivity, improve the practice of self-management & convert employee mindsets for the status quo into mindsets for growth.

…Realizing traditional programs for training executives/managers to more effectively compete on analytics are not achieving desired results.

…Becoming more proactive (e.g.,introducing to senior-level management the need for reorganizing around mission-critical processes in order to fully utilize AI, IA, machine learning & and other groundbreaking technologies).

…Reinventing themselves to adapt to a low growth economy, urgent new business demands & advancing technologies that require rethinking how training/ learning adds value.

…Crafting learning metrics that are business driven & can immediately prove to CEOs/CFOs the return on training investments by showing before & after metrics that dollarize training results.

…Aligning training to successfully carry-out corporate strategies/goals for bottom-line results.

…Revamping their training/leadership programs to equip executives/managers with the required thinking, the knowledge, & the skills for managing in turbulent environments (the inevitable aftermath of COVID-19 containment policies).

This is the virtual conference you've been looking for. Learn from leading L&D organizations who are already in the process of reinventing their internal training operations & have identified use it-now solutions to the very problems you now must address.

Act now! Register for L&D Leadership in a Time of Great Change today!