The Art of the Return Posts

Chronic stress is a national epidemic that's largely caused by external factors in our organizations. This toxic stress can create serious problems when our bodies run on empty for days, weeks and months on end. Eventually this leads to employee burnout, resulting in high turnover rates and costs. One of the core pillars of addressing employee burnout is creating self-mastery programming that addresses mindfulness and awareness-building practices – all which can have an impact on both individual and organizational resilience. In her column, Jacquelyn Fletcher Johnson, Founder & CEO of Heartwood Healing, shares her thoughts on how you and your company can leverage mindfulness, resilience, and burnout prevention skills to create happier and healthier employees.
Mindfulness is the art of paying attention. And we can do that through our senses and consciousness in multiple ways. Most mindfulness teachers will also add that the art of developing present-moment awareness includes being aware of yourself and the world around you without judgement.