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How Flat Should An Organization Be?
Published: 2019-09-20
In the never-ending debate about the structure of companies, a strong preference is emerging for flat/responsibility-based organizations, or those with no or few levels of management.
The Depth of the Executive Bench
Published: 2019-09-05
While learning organizations can measure success in many ways ( number of people trained, new skills acquired, alignment with company strategy, improvement in business results, etc.), columnist Jim Champy believes the ultimate measure of success is the depth of an enterprise's executive bench.
Strategy in the 21st Century
Published: 2019-07-30
See what questions a strategy roadmap should raise and the challenges learning leaders should anticipate.
Reengineering Management
Published: 2019-07-01
The case for changing the way managers think and work today is even more compelling; and training teams must focus as much on managers as the people who perform operational work. See the three capabilities Jim Champy thinks managers must have in order to thrive in today's disruptive world.
Companies are at an inflection point that requires very careful thought on the design of processes and technologies—and the people who will run them.
Today’s work and the work of the future will require more skills. Individuals, companies, and governments must keep that in the forefront of their efforts to create jobs and opportunity.
When a Company Goes Astray
Published: 2019-01-24
There is a lot of work required to get any company - large or small - out of trouble. The answers to these four questions might provide a path to redemption.
Investors seemed surprised when the luxury apparel and accessories maker Ralph Lauren reported $400 million in restructuring charges and warned of lower sales. A Wall Street Journal article attributed the slip to a number of factors. But to me, it all added up to a strategy that no longer worked.
Keeping It Simple
Published: 2018-12-04
Through the years, Jim has learned the importance of simplicity and directness in presenting ideas and communicating them to others. Here are some “rules” to accomplish that objective.
Your leadership style is your choice—where it takes you isn’t, so be aware of where you're heading.
The future of work is all about getting smarter, for machines and people. But who’s going to take on the job of education and training?