Trends In Training
Contributor: Rajon Tumbokon
Posted: 03/10/2014
5 Things Training Professionals Can Learn From Watching "Bar Rescue"
"Bar Rescue" is a makeover/reality show that follows bar industry specialist Jon Taffer as he renovates and rescues failing bar establishments across the U.S. Here are five sudsy tips that training professionals can pick up from Taffer's motivational prowess. Full Content »
Contributor: Ben Mueller
Posted: 02/18/2014
Survey: Workers Say Training Improves Job Performance
Despite the groans any corporate manager is likely to hear when the words "compliance" and "training" are used in the same sentence, the majority of employees find on-the-job training both beneficial and helpful. Nearly 60 percent of workers said that training helped them better perform their job, according to an online employer training survey released today by Mindflash. Full Content »
Posted: 05/13/2013
Enterprise Gamification: Growing Engagement through Game Thinking

Barry Kirk (Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Bunchball) delivers a session on Enterprise Gamification: How Gamification Expands on Global Talent Management Strategies Via Learning & Leadership Development at Corporate Learning Summit Chicago 2013

The session aims to discuss:

  • Enhance adoption of your gamification to improve talent acquisition
  • Maximize interactive and web-based games to enhance internal communication processes
  • Leverage organizational influencers to maximize your internal gamification strategy

About Bunchball:

Bunchball is the market leader and visionary in gamification. Powering the Engaged Enterprise, Bunchball enables organizations to improve business performance throughout their ecosystem by creating highly active and loyal customers, employees, and partners. Bunchball’s comprehensive suite of innovative cloud-based solutions empowers companies to engage and motivate, leading to improved employee productivity, customer loyalty and ROI. Bunchball’s world-class customers include Adobe, HP, Cisco, Warner Bros., Comcast, LiveOps, VMware and Hasbro. Based in Silicon Valley, Bunchball's investors include Granite Ventures, Triangle Peak Partners, Northport Investments, and Correlation Ventures. For more information, visit, our blog at, or follow @bunchball.

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