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Contributor: Morne Swart
Posted: 05/28/2014
Compliance and Learning: Always Audit Ready
No industry or company is immune to the dictates of legal compliance. It might take different forms and involve different potential penalties, but every business knows that compliance and risk management is a priority. The repercussions from non-compliance are significant, and the impacts can be far-reaching. Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Silberman
Posted: 04/17/2014
Gamification makes workforce training engaging, memorable
Gamification is something you think of kids or teenagers doing while sitting at home on their Xbox or PlayStation. But believe it or not, gamification actually helps to improve your thinking while offering you a challenge. In terms of workplace training, games are becoming increasingly popular learning tools. Full Content »
Contributor: Tammy Sanders
Posted: 04/15/2014
Cell phones vs. Learning
Among young learners in the K-12 sphere, research into the use of cell phones in a learning environment is often connected to distractions and cheating. In higher education and adult education, however, cell phones are seen as ways to increase creativity and learner engagement. What accounts for the drastically different view points? Full Content »
Contributor: Andy Hill
Posted: 04/02/2014
What Alex Trebek Can Teach E-Learning Designers
Careful and deliberate e-learning design can foster learner engagement while still staying within your budget. What can designers learn from the "Jeopardy" segments playing in NYC taxi cabs? Full Content »
Contributor: Susanne Krivanek
Posted: 03/20/2014
Stilettos or Work Boots? Selecting an Engagement Measurement Tool to Fit Your Organization’s Style
Fitting an engagement survey to a company’s needs is a bit like selecting the appropriate shoes. A company may select a tool they see as stylish, but it may not be a good fit for their workforce composition, culture, or leadership ability. Full Content »
Contributor: Ben Mueller
Posted: 03/10/2014
Three Corporate Learning Takeaways from SXSWedu
The SXSWedu conference and festival wrapped up late last week in Austin. Check out these corporate takeaways from new learning technologies and broader trends in the world of education. Full Content »
Contributor: Rajon Tumbokon
Posted: 03/06/2014
LinkedIn Designs a Learner-Centric Enterprise Learning Platform
Research reveals that one third of LMS users are either unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with their platform. How did LinkedIn—the world's largest professional social network—address their own needs? Full Content »
Contributor: Steve Parker
Posted: 03/04/2014
Integrated, Interoperable, and Organic HR Technology
Recently, I’ve noticed a few people I highly respect getting caught up in a fallacy being perpetrated by a handful of HR technology vendors. In their marketing, these vendors coined the term "organic" to refer to their software and make the argument that this organic approach makes their software better. How is it that these highly respected people – people who have been driving thought leadership and innovation in the HR and talent management software space literally since its inception – got it wrong? Full Content »
Contributor: Ben Mueller
Posted: 02/28/2014
Infographic: Could 2014 Be the Year of the Corporate MOOC?
Now that mobile and cloud computing technology are widely available, will 2014 finally see corporate trainers embracing MOOCs? See where learning and development can benefit the most. Full Content »
Contributor: Ali Shahrazad
Posted: 02/18/2014
Building Blocks: How the Experience API is Similar to Legos
The Learning Record Store, under the Experience API standard, is revolutionizing the ways companies capture and analyze learner data. The bits of information that describe the results—called statements—are in many ways like Legos. Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Silberman
Posted: 02/11/2014
The Future of Mobile Learning
Mobile phones are increasingly used for both personal and work reasons—checking email, accessing documents and spreadsheets and performing various online tasks. By 2015, 80 percent of people accessing the Internet will be doing so from mobile devices, according to the Horizon Report. Full Content »
39 results
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