7 Mindsets for a Successful 2021

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7 Mindsets for a Successful 2021

No year in modern history has been more welcomed than 2021. After such a difficult 2020, corporate learning leaders are looking to the new year to help inspire a robust change in learning and continued improvement and innovation across the organization. Of course, to do that a mindset shift or two needs to happen.

The question becomes what mindset shifts take top priority?

Additionally, how will the team respond to the changes, and how do you successfully execute them across the organization? What will the impact be in the end?

Reality tells us a mindset shift is much like a cultural shift: it requires time, effort and mountains of patience.

Bruce Rosenstein, managing editor for Leader to Leader, outlines seven specific mindset shifts to help move you, your team and organization… thrive inside and outside the 2021 workplace.

Right off the bat, he suggests reframing your problems for the year. Don’t just jump to the solution, but think through the situation… bring in outside perspectives… and be open to the real opportunity that what you want isn’t necessarily what you need.

Additionally, Rosenstein is a member of the speaking faculty for Corporate Learning Week 2021 produced by the Corporate Learning Network and in partnership with the CLO Exchange. He will be speaking alongside Dr. Bernard Jaworski, Professor at the Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management & teacher extraordinaire.

Register for the non-consecutive four day event here.


Bruce Rosenstein
Managing Editor
Leader to Leader