Science of Learning
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Contributor: Daniel Lock
Posted: 04/29/2014
New frontiers in instructional design: Are MOOCs working?
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the subject of a lot debate in the blogosphere. Will they be a disruptive technology for universities? Will they take over the trainer’s job in corporate organizations? Full Content »
Contributor: Joseph Bastian
Posted: 03/31/2014
Building Blocks of Revelation: Learning Via "Aha" Moments
Every day, we’re bombarded with data and information and pressured to process it. What is the tipping point for converting knowledge into learning? Perhaps it's all in the "Aha." Full Content »
Contributor: Harold Jarche
Posted: 03/26/2014
The Three S’s of Personal Knowledge Mastery
Capturing knowledge, as crudely as we do, is just a first step. Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) is a framework for individuals to take control of their professional development through a continuous process of seeking, sensing-making, and sharing. Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Silberman
Posted: 03/18/2014
Creating a Personalized Learning Experience in Corporate Training
Personalized learning is gaining popularity, and is a great way to make sure that your employees are learning effectively, strategically, and in a way that will result in a positive and lasting impact. Full Content »
Contributor: Ben Mueller
Posted: 03/10/2014
Three Corporate Learning Takeaways from SXSWedu
The SXSWedu conference and festival wrapped up late last week in Austin. Check out these corporate takeaways from new learning technologies and broader trends in the world of education. Full Content »
Contributor: John Wenger
Posted: 03/07/2014
When it comes to leader development, old styles of training just don’t cut it.
Transactional learning is a learning approach that generates a practical and conceptual understanding of ‘what to do’ and transformational learning generates increased capability in ‘how to do it.’ Which style of learning should L&D leaders focus more energy on? Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Silberman
Posted: 03/03/2014
Make Corporate Training More Fun Than Mardi Gras
Training managers can learn a lot from Mardi Gras—okay, maybe not a lot—but it should certainly be a source of inspiration. When a company schedules training for new employees, employees typically brace themselves for a day or of mind-numbing sessions . But this does not have to be the case. Full Content »
Contributor: Andre Plaut
Posted: 02/25/2014
It’s time to move beyond Instructional Design: Elements of Learning Experience Design
In the same way that user experience design requires much more than deciding what content should go on a website, true learning experience design requires much more than curriculum. Full Content »
Contributor: Chris Appleton
Posted: 12/11/2013
Problem-Based Learning in a Corporate Setting
Traditional classroom-based training today is not as engaging and effective as it was during the days of the one-room schoolhouse. Building highly engaging learning environments should be the top objective of corporate training initiatives to ensure the highest impact on the workforce and the overall bottom line. Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cattel
Posted: 11/22/2013
Report shows eLearning most popular among healthcare, software and marketing companies
For the second quarter in a row, healthcare topped the list of industries using eLearning products, according to a report released yesterday by eLearning company Mindflash. Software and marketing rounded out the top three industries using online learning platforms. Full Content »
Contributor: Charlene O'Hanlon
Posted: 05/23/2013
Charlene O'Hanlon
Unstructured or informal learning is coming into its own as a valuable tool for companies that want to turn today’s employees into tomorrow’s leaders. Still, as learning strategies go, informal learning in the corporate space feels a lot like herding cats. Full Content »
22 results
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