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Contributor: Tammy Sanders
Posted: 10/08/2015
What’s the value of online learning?
By most accounts, just about everyone teaching anything needs to learn how to "leverage" online learning. Indeed, teachers come across this leveraging phrase in anecdotal urgings time and time and time again. So what happens when adult learners are asked about their preferences in learning format? Despite continued growth in online courses and programs, learners don’t seem as partial to learning online as stats and experts insist they are (or should be) in our Digital Age. Full Content »
Contributor: Ben Mueller
Posted: 03/10/2014
Three Corporate Learning Takeaways from SXSWedu
The SXSWedu conference and festival wrapped up late last week in Austin. Check out these corporate takeaways from new learning technologies and broader trends in the world of education. Full Content »
Contributor: Ben Mueller
Posted: 02/28/2014
Infographic: Could 2014 Be the Year of the Corporate MOOC?
Now that mobile and cloud computing technology are widely available, will 2014 finally see corporate trainers embracing MOOCs? See where learning and development can benefit the most. Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cattel
Posted: 02/19/2014
So Long Snow Days
Could snow days become a relic of the American education system—gone in the same fashion as overhead projectors and the slide rule? School districts across the country have implemented e-learning platforms in the last few years, and are taking advantage of their capabilities to allow students to learn from the comfort of their home—or dorm room—as snow coats the streets and sidewalks. Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cattel
Posted: 01/16/2014
Babson report shows plateaued, slowed growth in online learning
One in every three college students takes at least one course online, according to a report released yesterday by Babson Survey Research Group. That totals 7.1 million students, an increase of 400,000 from last year's report, but percentage wise, the lowest growth rate in the last decade. Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cattel
Posted: 01/09/2014
U.S. News releases 2014 online program rankings
For the third year in a row, U.S. News and World Report compiled its ranking of the best online programs for undergraduate and graduate education. The rankings of online-only program signal a shift in the validity and prominence of online education by a news magazine that is best known for its more than 30 years of rankings of brick and mortar higher education institutions. Full Content »
Contributor: Inge de Waard
Posted: 10/23/2013
MOOCs are about to shake up the corporate and non-profit world
In just five years’ time, MOOCs have sky rocketed in importance in the higher education world. Now, MOOCs are set to shake up the corporate and non-profit training worlds. The massive and open courses not only teach people, they bring learners together, provide networking opportunities and get a buzz going. Full Content »
Contributor: Brian McCray
Posted: 09/16/2013
How to Become an Effective Competitor in Online Learning: Marketing 101 for Colleges & Universities
Schools entering the online education market are experiencing near-instant success. This is the beginning of what professional marketers call the market growth stage. To be successful, programs need to be differentiated. Full Content »
Contributor: Joshua Kim
Posted: 08/18/2013
Five secrets EdTech bosses don't want their direct reports to know
In the relatively new world on online learning and education technology, it can be difficult to deconstruct your boss’s job landscape and responsibilities. And, more importantly, understand how you can leverage this knowledge to shape your work environment in ways that will maximize your productivity. Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cattel
Posted: 08/01/2013
Weekly Roundup: Government report details issues with workplace culture at TSA, Stephen Colbert questions EdX president on freemium model
This week: Half of Asian companies will increase spending on executive coaching in the next year and the hype around MOOCs might cloud another important education revolution: the flipped classroom. Full Content »
28 results
of 3