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Contributor: Bob Bennett
Posted: 03/14/2014
"I hate performance reviews"
We hear this all the time from employees and managers alike, and despite numerous discussions of how to revise reviews, they have remained virtually the same. We know the reasons for dissatisfaction with performance reviews: little meaningful data, unfair and inconsistent ratings, forced distributions, and the age-old binary of facts versus opinions. The result is a less than effective process. Full Content »
Contributor: Ben Mueller
Posted: 02/27/2014
The Rise of the Learning Record Store: An LRS Field Guide from CLN
The Learning Record Store is the repository for all learner data under Experience API (Tin Can) e-learning software. Although it offers unprecedented data capture and analysis, is the future of learners' privacy at stake? Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cattel
Posted: 02/07/2014
Growth rate for training budgets reaches nine-year high
U.S. corporations continue to spend more on training and education for their employees. American companies spent 15 percent more on internal training in 2013 when compared with the previous year, according to research by Bersin by Deloitte published this week. Full Content »
Posted: 01/13/2014
Measuring Knowledge Investment: A Benchmarking Report from the Corporate Learning Network
Is your company spending more on learning and development this year than in 2013? How are L&D funds allocated? Are you emphasizing certain types of pedagogical methods over others? Is it possible to measure a return on investment for the various learning and development programs you offer employees? These are just of some of the questions we set out to ask with our first ever benchmarking report about the state of knowledge investment in corporate learning and training. Full Content »
Posted: 11/21/2013
The Future of Attracting, Retaining and Managing Talent
Has your company updated its recruiting process lately? What about your employee benefit options? If not, it’s time to do so. By 2014, 50 percent of the workforce will be made up of Millennials. This group expects to be courted and treated in a way that may seem unfamiliar to older generations. This whitepaper discusses the necessary steps to adjust expectations and change recruiting processes that benefits a multigenerational workforce. Full Content »
Contributor: Christi Gilchrist
Posted: 11/04/2013
The art of balancing results, processes and relationships
We are taught from an early age that the end result matters. Is your room clean? Are all of the dishes put away? We learn very quickly that certain measures must be met to get a good result. Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cattel
Posted: 10/04/2013
Leaders show strength in ability to interpret, but ignore competitors
Throughout the world, leaders are strongest in their ability to interpret business scenarios and weakest in their capacity to anticipate the moves of their competitors, according to new data released by Decision Strategies International (DSI). Full Content »
Posted: 09/03/2013
Connecting Workforce Analytics to Better Business Results
Workforce analytics has become an essential business tool for leading companies that view workforce performance as the key to improving company results, according to a new global survey of business leaders by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services. Full Content »
Contributor: Jeff Cattel
Posted: 07/30/2013
Corporate Learning Network announces benchmarking survey "Measuring Knowledge Investment"
What does 'knowledge culture' mean to a corporation today? Can knowledge be decoded into a commodity and measured? In our business world, where corporations continue to focus on speed and acceleration, is there space for real learning and innovative thought patterns? Full Content »
Contributor: Charlene O'Hanlon
Posted: 05/02/2013
Charlene O'Hanlon
A recent survey from U.K.-based CRF Institute shows companies with the highest employee satisfaction are those that show a high employee value proposition, but also listen to employee feedback and measure the effectiveness of their programs. Full Content »
Contributor: Corporate Learning Network Editorial Staff
Posted: 04/30/2013
Corporate Learning Network Editorial Staff
Eliminating non-productive tasks can go a long way to improving productivity for both knowledge workers and service workers. And one way of understanding where productivity gains can be had is through employee surveys. Full Content »
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