Posted: 01/22/2016
[Q&A with Scott Chamberlain] The Onboarding Process
Scott Chamberlain, Senior Sales Training Manager at 8X8 supplies the strategies that could help speed up and effectively train new sales hires while also speaking about;Tracking key performance indicators, What to use for effectively tracking performance metrics, Predictive analytic models, Variables that influence optimum performance And more! Full Content »
Contributor: Bob Bennett
Posted: 10/06/2015
Bob Bennett
At no time has it been more important for an organization to prove its value – to calculate its value-add–than in the highly competitive, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world today. Full Content »
Contributor: Susanne Krivanek
Posted: 03/20/2014
Stilettos or Work Boots? Selecting an Engagement Measurement Tool to Fit Your Organization’s Style
Fitting an engagement survey to a company’s needs is a bit like selecting the appropriate shoes. A company may select a tool they see as stylish, but it may not be a good fit for their workforce composition, culture, or leadership ability. Full Content »
Contributor: Rebekah Cardenas
Posted: 03/12/2014
Not All Personality Assessments Are Created Equal
Not all personality assessments are created equal. Using tools for purposes other than those for which they were developed and validated is simply put, a problem, says Rebekah Cardenas, Ph.D., an industrial/organizational psychologist and organizational consultant at EASI•Consult ®. Full Content »
Contributor: Daniel Lock
Posted: 01/14/2014
5 Steps to Drive Value from Training
According to the ASTD’s 2013 State of the Industry Report, U.S. organizations spent $164.2 billion on employee learning and development in 2012. The report does a good job of categorizing and classifying expenditure. But what about ROI? How can managers structure training to ensure a positive ROI? Full Content »
Posted: 10/01/2013
New Consumer Insights on the Retail Customer Experience
Knowing how consumers like to shop online and in-store reveals opportunities for retailers to turn electronic-savvy price shoppers into loyal customers. Download the results of a recent study that answers questions on what creates a positive, consistent omni-channel experience for buyers. Full Content »
Posted: 06/05/2013
Gamification - What It Is, What It Does
Corporate Learning Network presents learning in 140 seconds: Full Content »
Contributor: Drucker's View from the CLN Staff
Posted: 05/03/2013
Drucker's View from the CLN Staff
Abandonment of low-yield processes and programs is the only sure-fire way to reduce costs and increase profitability. Yet too many company practice "amputation without diagnosis," which can put the entire organization at risk. Full Content »