Developing Engaged Online Learning Communities in the COVID-19 Age

Learning has taken on a new kind of “room.” Whether it’s the classroom or the boardroom, the crisis of COVID-19 has disrupted traditional learning delivery and methods, forcing L&D teams and educators to rethink learning and empower students to take learning into their own hands.

So what does emergency immersion in teaching and training look like in the current environment and how are learners adapting to it?

Editorial Manager Mason Stevenson got a sneak peek into the session of Selena Griffith, Senior Lecturer of Design, Innovation, Entrepreneurship at UNSW Art & Design. At Online & e-Learning in the Age of Coronavirus 2020, she’ll share 10 Steps to Taking a Human-Centered Approach to Empower Students and Develop Engaged Online Learning Communities in the Covid-19 Age and Beyond.

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Photo courtesy:  Shutterstock