The Agile Approach to Digital Transformation Posts

Haydn Shaughnessy and his colleague, Fin Goulding, have spent decades helping organizations design, fix and manage transformation. Focused on making business more efficient and making them better places in which employees wish to work, Shaughnessy and Goulding are committed to helping businesses make mindful decisions about their respective futures. Their column will provide key entries on new ways to work, embracing and improving social interaction and collaboration and strengthening a company’s reliance on its people and their collective intelligence. Shaughnessy, Goulding and their team provide column content monthly.
One of the biggest challenges any senior leader faces is to nurture transformation to a successful conclusion. Haydn Shaughnessy and Fin Goulding have developed the lighthouse project concept to help counter this tendency to lose valuable learnings
There's almost a barrage of reasons given for why transformations fail to meet expectations, but where there is agreement is that transformations have become very difficult to pull off. Columnist Haydn Shaughnessy shares a guide to help shape your digital transformation thinking.