Ledge Walking Technology: A blended measurement of performance management and strategic needs

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11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

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Ledge Walking Technology (LWT) is a creative and measurable blend of performance technology tools with the strategic needs of the organization. The innovative nature of this approach breathes life into the standard tools of performance technology by leveraging blended measurement tools and colorful story telling. This webinar focuses on the practical application of LWT and provides tools for learning and development professionals to identify, select, communicate, implement and measure both instructional and non-instructional solutions.

The learning objectives of this webinar include gaining knowledge or skills in the following:

  • "Ledge Walking" principles 

  • Conducting a Rapid Performance Analysis (RPA)
Isolating key behaviors for success

  • Identifying and presenting effectiveness measures

  • Aligning the language of learning and development to the organizational strategy

The participants of this session only need to bring a pen, their thoughts and a bar napkin to realize the full benefit of "Ledge Walking."