Branding – It’s more than a logo. Don’t underestimate its power to make or break your program.

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When your role is to create top-notch educational experiences that will improve your company’s business capabilities, the last thing on the checklist is "marketing," right? It’s time to change the way you define and approach the branding of your development programs. Hear how Spectrum Health University (SH|U) created an award-winning persona that contributes to quality, credibility and sustainability in everything they do.

This webinar will cover:

  • The challenges SH|U faced in changing the perceptions of leadership development in a 110 year-old organization – how branding worked.
  • How SH|U created a vision to define, "What do we want to be known for?" Why this critical step will serve to energize your team and turn "being busy" to "being aligned."
  • Why details matter. Like it or not, your credibility will largely be determined by the visual image you portray. Learn how the team settled on a look and voice for SH University and the challenges in staying true to that persona.