Making Training More Effective via Virtual Worlds

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Want surefire ways to multiply your training impact and enhance your organizational effectiveness?

Now…you can learn the concepts, methods, even "tricks-or-the-trade" that make virtual training a powerful tool to increase employee engagement and retention.

Bringing eLearning into Virtual Worlds is challenging and rewarding. The key to successful training lies in the ability to effectively and constructively incorporate eLearning into these alternative platforms.

Now, you can master those training fundamentals easily and quickly. You’ll get practical, no-nonsense solutions to help you get your training program started in virtual worlds.

You’ll learn to use virtual worlds as an affordable and fairly rapid development tool. Training in virtual worlds is a great and inexpensive way to add interactivity and increase user engagement and retention for your eLearning.

In this webcast, you’ll be shown simply and clearly:

1. How to create your script efficiently and distilling it into manageable elements
2. How to tweak the virtual world viewer for eLearning performance
3. When to buy and when to build your own sets
4. Land introduction
5. Audio discussion and setup
6. Filming & Distribution of your videos
7. Video tools including Flash (for Flash developers only) & non-Flash developers

These skills are only as valuable as what they add to your eLearning and how they impact your learners. eLearning should be fun to create and fun for the learner.

So don’t delay. You’ll find this course useful…valuable…enlightening.