5th Annual Online and eLearning Summit 2020 | Australia

18 - 20 May, 2020 | Melbourne

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4th Annual Online and E-Learning 2019 - View Program

The 4th Annual Online & e-Learning Summit is returning in 2019 and is bigger and better than ever with 35+ speakers from the best of the education and corporate sector and 4 new and exciting streams to ensure all your deepest questions are answered.

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Effectively Deploying Virtual Reality to Create Interactive and Engaging E-Learning Experiences

VR applications, in particular, are expected to grow quickly in higher education. By 2021, 60 per cent of higher education institutions will be using the technology to gain a competitive advantage by differentiating their learning e ...

The Next Frontier of online learning in Australian Higher Education

With so much change on the horizon, what steps can universities take to ensure their approach to online learning can transform the student learning experience into something which is fulfilling, rewarding and personalised? What’s more, how can universities go about creating ...

How Three Organisations are Optimising Online Learning Outcomes by Combining Emerging Technologies and Blended Learning Tools

Ahead of the 4th Annual Online and E-Learning Summit 2019 we explore the careful balance required between online learning models and student/user experience.  Through the perspectives of three organisations currently harnessing e-learning;  Queensl ...

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Interview transcript with Kris Ryan, Academic Director, Monash University

In this interview transcript, Kris Ryan, Academic Director at Monash University explores: A brief overview of Monash University's approach to online learning Tools to monitor student progress and enagement in online learning Using multi-media feedback to create a personalised learning experience for students Challenges associated with using analytics to scale...

A glimpse into Westpac's eLearning Strategy

In this video interview, Tony Dunford, Head of Learning Design and Delivery, Group Capability Enterprise HR Strategy & Services at Westpac shares:A brief overview of Westpac's L&D strategyHow they are creating an online learning program that caters for different styles of learningTools using to create an engaging online learning experienceChallenges faced...

How Monash University is using online learning to drive student engagement

In this video interview, Kris Ryan, Academic Director at Monash University explores:A brief overview of Monash University's approach to online learningTools to monitor student progress and enagement in online learningUsing multi-media feedback to create a personalised learning experience for studentsChallenges associated with using analytics to scale the development of online learning...

Engaging Students through new interactive and adaptive online learning experiences at Charles Sturt University

In this article, Julie Lindsay, Quality Learning and Teaching Leader (Online) at Charles Sturt University, explores the strategies being used across Charles Sturt to design and developing online learning in order to improve the student experience and maximise learner engagement.

Learning in the age of digialisation: how MOOCs are driving a new wave of learning

In this article, Eric Tsui Chair, Advisory Committee on ELearning at PolyU explores the core elements of the PolyUX online learning strategy and how they are using innovative online teaching and learning styles to enhance the experience for students.

Creating eLearning Resources which will Stand the Test of Time: How Silkwood School is creating personalised online learning courses to drive student and staff engagement

In this article, Sandra Lipinski eLearning manager, at Silkwood School explores the steps she has taken at her school to provide a framework for the effective creation of digital and multi-media resources and the impact this is having on student and teacher engagement.

5 ways to take Online Learning to the next level

In this article we have compiled the five key ways you can take your online learning strategy to the next level to transform the learning experience into something which is fulfilling, rewarding and personalised for your students and staff alike.

Past Presentations

Changing LMS: a big decision but a huge opportunity to change teaching across an institution

In this presentation from Online & eLearning 2018, Professor Adam Bridgeman, Director Educational Innovation at the University of Sydney covered:Maximising the opportunity by introducing improved design and accessibility principles to staff during this processRe-designing each course site and prioritising material to be moved across, instead of moving each course site over to the new system and...

Successfully Piloting a Flipped Classroom Program

In this presentation from Online & eLearning 2018, John Zorning, Director UQx at the University of Queensland covered:Designing the student experienceAdaptation of content for online deliveryAssessment design for the flipped classroom

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The Next Revolution In Global eLearning

In today’s always-on world, the value of knowledge has increased and the way we get it has changed. eLearning -- the direct access of information by technology -- is one of the most vibrant and promising new businesses on the global market, one poised to reach approximately $331 billion by...

E Learning Climbing To $325 Billion By 2025 UF Canvas Absorb Schoology Moodle

E-Learning is the future. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected “E Learning” would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it did. Now, Research and Markets forecasts show triple the revenue of 2015 – e-learning will grow to $325 Billion by 2025.

E-learning: Why employees expect a Netflix experience

Employees are used to intuitive interfaces and services such as Netflix knowing what they might like. Skillsoft’s Steve Wainwright investigates how e-learning platforms can use such consumer experiences to create a community of learners who keep coming back.You might think it odd to compare Netflix, the world’s leading streaming TV...