Makerspaces: The Next Big Thing In Higher Education Learning Spaces

What exactly is a makerspace ? Close your eyes. Imagine a space 100% dedicated to creativity. It has exclusive, high-tech tools you can’t find anywhere else. It is outfitted with plush, comfortable furniture that enhance hardcore brainstorming sessions. It’s open and spacious, but contained enough to not be overwhelming. There is only one thing asked of you when you enter the space: get creative.

These fantasy lands are real and they’re called makerspaces. Simply defined as collaborative work spaces found within schools, libraries, or other public/private facilities, makerspaces are dedicated to learning, exploration, and sharing. They bring the latest technology that individuals can’t find elsewhere into one space for students to test out. They encourage users to get outside of their comfort zones and blur academic lines.

In this report, we'll show you how leading-edge institutions such as the University of Texas,  University of Delaware and Case Western have successfully designed, build and made the most of makerspaces. 

The World’s Greatest Learning Spaces

The future of education increasingly lies with education providers that can integrate the latest tools, technologies and learning methodologies into next generation learning spaces – both physical and virtual. Already, progressive schools are moving away from traditional ‘chalk and talk’ teaching methods and towards enquiry based, student-centric learning in order to encourage more creative, entrepreneurial students who think for themselves.