March 26 - 27, 2019
Argonaut Hotel, San Francisco, CA

CLW SV Sponsors and Exhibitors

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Terence Wu
Head of Sponsorship Marketing
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2019 Sponsors

Inspired eLearning

At Inspired eLearning, we are committed to delivering eLearning solutions of the absolute highest quality, ones which don’t simply check a box, but which drive positive and measurable changes in organizational culture as well. We want to help clients nurture and enhance workforce skills, protect themselves against cyberattacks and regulatory... Read More


NovoEd is the learning platform for the modern workforce.NovoEd’s social, mobile and analytical capabilities enable you to deliver a more effective and engaging learning experience. With NovoEd Learning Platform, online training is an effective and engaging as in-person training, but can be deployed faster and reach entire organizations, driving business... Read More

2018 Sponsors

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning partners with global and government organizations to strategize and deliver world-class innovative, technology-enabled leadership development solutions for leaders at all levels. Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning leverages the business insight and thought leadership of Harvard Business School faculty, Harvard Business Review authors, and other management... Read More

Workforce Equanimity

Workforce Equanimity empowers companies to meet their business goals by designing, implementing, and growing IntentionalLearning Organizations™. Its process connects learning activities with measurable results so companies can see growth in businessas a product of growth in people.With a plan in place, its consultants, facilitators, and coaches get to work building... Read More


Ariel is a communication training company and registered B Corporation that empowers organizations to have true influence. We believe that solving business challenges starts with improving strategic communication skills. Our blended solutions leverage cutting-edge technology and experiential learning to ensure your people write, speak, and sell with impact and emotional... Read More

The University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, through its Stayer Center for Executive Education in its Mendoza College of Business, offers a unique learning experience to meet the employee development needs of employers at a regional, national or global scale. In partnership with Bisk, Notre Dame offers renowned online programs, certificates and custom corporate programs... Read More

McGraw-Hill Education Learning Science Platforms

McGraw-Hill Education Learning Science Platforms apply artificial intelligence to learning through adaptive technology. The platforms transform otherwise static content into personalized experiences that adapt in real-time to each learner’s behavior and performance. Every moment is optimized, so that the right content is presented at the right time for each learner.... Read More

Experience to Lead

Experience to Lead designs and delivers “unique experiences that bring leadership to life” through immersive experiential leadership development programs in unforgettable locations.  The purpose is to improve the leadership capability of individuals, teams, and organizations, to lead through change and propel them to higher levels of success, performance, and growth.We... Read More


Strong interpersonal skills are essential now more than ever as the workplace changes because of impending disruptive technologies like AI and machine learning. However, interpersonal skills can be hard to find and develop quickly at scale. MURSION is the platform for learners to practice and master these complex skills in... Read More
Website:’s mission is to make education accessible. Our talent development solution helps employees gain the fundamental skills, knowledge and credentials needed for career progression by accessing video-based microlearning modules that can seamlessly stack into a debt-free college degree. We drive utilization by combining an engaging user experience with a compelling... Read More


Udemy for Business is a curated new learning platform that helps companies stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing workplace by offering fresh, relevant on-demand learning content. Our mission is to help employees do whatever comes next- whether that’s the next project to do, skill to learn or role to master.... Read More


Soundview takes concepts from top business resources, condensing them into informative leadership and management training materials.Our library is anchored by thousands of business book summaries, reviews, author interviews, and concise and informative training videos.  We also provide full online courses, insightful newsletters, and live webinars with the top minds in... Read More