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Corporate Learning Week is a four, non-consecutive day virtual event that will take place March 9th - 30th and will bring together Learning & Development Executives from leading global organizations across multiple industries.

Hear from top L&D leaders and engage in conversations about key challenges in our rich content sessions throughout the event. Want to take your learning experience one step further? Join us for a day of Master Classes to dive deep into the philosophies and methodologies of management guru Peter F. Drucker and find practical ways to put them into practice for tomorrow’s organization.

Some of our Key Topics Include:

  • Breakthroughs in digital-led learning from A-Z
  • Aligning training with new corporate agendas via usage of methodologies such as the Balance Scorecard/Strategy Maps, OKR (Objectives, Key Results) & a variety of hybrid alignment processes.
  • Running training as a business (determining what and how to abandon, the need for continuous knowledge worker productivity improvement, making purposeful innovation happen, the need for proactive CLOs and more)
  • Re-evaluating learning goals, instructional platforms & management/leadership subject matter that must be learned by fast-track & senior-level executives in large and-midsize organizations to cope with today's rapidly changing business environment.

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