For as long as Corporate Learning Week has been in existence, the Corporate University Best-in-Class [CUBIC] Awards have rewarded training organizations and corporate universities committed to advancing workforce innovation, aligning programs with business priorities, and delivering world-class learning experiences. Each year, a panel of experts and practitioners from the training and development field evaluate and score the award applications.
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Join us during the awards luncheon on Friday, November 30, 2018, to honor winners from the below categories:

Key dates

Early bird deadline:
Friday, September 7, 2018

Final deadline:
Friday, September 14, 2018

Finalist announcement:
Monday, September 24, 2018

Awards ceremony:
Friday, November 30, 2018 @ the CUBIC Awards Luncheon

Learning Leader of the Year

The Learning Leader of the Year Award honors visionaries who have played a strategic role in determining how learning is driven and integrated throughout the enterprise. These individuals have:

  • Led teams that develop innovative programs, especially those that align L&D with corporate goals.
  • Championed and marketed learning and development programs to gain interest from employees and buy-in from executives.
  • Used creative problem solving to her major roadblocks, work to implement them with visionary results.


Corporate University of the Year

The Corporate University of the Year Award honors corporate universities that have successfully launched or shown continued excellence at a strategic level. These teams have:

  • Assisted their parent organization in achieving the company mission.
  • Identified and supported the performance requirements of the business, and engaged business executives as partners in developing and executing programs.
  • Shown evidence of best use of technology and creative problem solving with roadblocks.


Learning Organization of the Year

The Learning Organization of the Year Award honors L&D departments that have developed innovative programs outside of the traditional corporate university format. Additionally, these teams have:

  • Implemented programs work to close skills gaps within the enterprise by assessing future business needs and developing critical 21st century skills.
  • Focused on expanding the contexts in which employees can engage with learning.
  • Tried and tested new approaches, whether through social, mobile, video or simulation-based platforms.


Leadership Development Excellence

The Leadership Development Excellence Award honors L&D departments that have developed strong leadership programs designed to retain top performers, including a focus on developing:

  • Talent across the organization mentorship, HiPo development and coaching.
  • The next generation of leaders and building their leaders’ skills at all levels
  • A sustainable talent pipeline as a strategy for overall business growth.


Learning Impact Program

The Learning Impact Program Award honors outstanding, innovative applications of educational technology and strategy achieved to improve learning’s impact on the organization. These programs have demonstrate Impact measures, including enhanced revenue growth, cost reduction, employee satisfaction, among other metrics. In addition these programs have:

  • Robust earning leadership, who have implemented a substantial measurement or evaluation program yielding improved business results.
  • A positive impact the bottom-line in their organizations to provide a faster response to changing business conditions, increasing on-the-job productivity and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Demonstrated an authentic partnership between learning and other business functions to achieve common goals.


Learning Technology of the Year

The Learning Technology of the Year Award recognizes a solution which offers broad range of communication and information that can be used to support learning, teaching, and assessment. In addition, these solutions:

  • Showcase some of the most recognizable, memorable and life-changing uses of learning technologies across the learning industry that are open to organizations of all sizes.
  • Demonstrate excellence in the field of learning innovation.
  • Promotes intelligent use of Learning Technology on a global scale.


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