Corporate Learning Week

March 23 - 26, 2020 | Austin,TX

2014 Presentations

2014 Corporate Learning Week Presentations

Curious to see what happened in 2014 at Corporate Learning Week? Take a look at these past presentations from our 2014 Speaker Faculty:

20 Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Win Ratio: LEAN Process Improvement in the Learning Organization
Casper Moerck, Head of Learning Technology Americas, Siemens

Casper Moerck, Head of Learning Technology Americas at Siemens, gives tips & tricks to increase your win ratio such as; Traditional improvement projects Vs. kaizen method, important focus areas, kaizen workshop rules, value stream mapping & flowcharting, what to do about waste, identifying the eight types of waste. download now to for more!


Communities of Practice and Social Collaboration in the Your Workplace
Chris Hardy, Director, Defense Acquisition University

Chris Hardy, Director at Defense Acquisition University, speaks about providing online tools to enhance job performance, tracking performance support tools usage, current knowledge framework – Knowledge Repositories, Hosting Systems, and Social Interaction/Networking. HE also touches on the future knowledge framework and more!


Linking Learning to Strategy
Doug Bolger, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Learn2

Doug Bolger, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Learn2, presents on connecting learning to strategy, leadership development, the one million dollar leader challenge, customer retention solutions, and how to vocalize value.


Activating Gamification & Simulation for More Powerful Learning Outcomes
Mira Mendlovitz & Stephanie Daul, Learning Development Consultants, Grainger

Mira Mendlovitz & Stephanie Daul, Learning Development Consultants at Grainger, discusses the benefits of gamification within learning techniques, research on Meta-Analysis vs Empirical, the different types of games that could transfer into a tool for learning, and how to get your game created.


Linking Business Acumen to Organizational Strategy and Learning Out comes
Kevin Cope, Acumen Learning, President & CEO

Kevin Cope, President & CEO at Acumen Learning, speaks about The 5 Business Drivers; Cash On Hand Generation, Growth Top Line Bottom Line, People Employees Customers, Profit Revenues Expenses, Assets Strength Utilization, and how they are all connected. Plus much more!


Making Something Out of Nothing: Learning Support on a Shoestring Budget
Kim Stewart, Chief Learning Officer, First Citizens Bank

Kim Stewart, Chief Learning Officer at First Citizens Bank, presents on learning and development and learning support at FCB, gives example of a case study, lists available solutions/tools, and the onboarding/assimilation process. While also supplying Meeting Guides/Toolkits.


Igniting Human Potential
Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer, Luck Companies

Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer at Luck Companies, speaks about millennials at work, the current state of the world of work, where we can go from the current state, having shared values and the human potential, and making a business proposition.


Capella Innovations in Closing the Skills Gap
Scott Kinney, President, Capella University

Capella University President, Scott Kinney, discusses competency based learning and program, flexible learning model solutions, how Capella is leading the way, and more!


Creating an Enterprise Perception of Learning
Stacy Henry, Director of Teammate Education, Bridgestone Retail Operations

Stacy Henry, Director of Teammate Education at Bridgestone Retail Operations, presents on doing your due diligence, getting a seat at the table, losing the training talk, making a business impact, and tooting your own training horn.


Preparing for the 2020 Workforce
Uzma S. Burki, Senior Vice President, HC Strategy

Uzma S. Burki, Senior Vice President at HC Strategy, discusses global workforce trends, the emergence of talent centers, building blocks for the 2020 talent paradigm readiness: Macro & Micro Level View, and what you should be focused on.