Travis Smith, Hospitality Management Trainer at Best Western

Travis Smith

Hospitality Management Trainer
Best Western

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Main Conference Day 1: Monday May 21st, 2018

Monday, May 21st, 2018

9:45 AM Unlocking Human Potential with Immersive Practice – Elevating Soft Skills with Virtual Reality

In this panel we will explore how corporations are leveraging virtual reality (VR) to improve employees interactions in the workplace.  VR has typically been used as a method to practice technical skills, but new VR technologies are merging humans and computers to deliver immersive practice environments for interpersonal skills.  Learners can make mistakes in private, space learning over time, and view recorded sessions, taking advantage of the unique features of VR over traditional methods like online courses, webinars, or role-play.  Come hear panelists discuss how they are developing leaders and unlocking employees' skills using VR, and interact with the latest VR simulations for improving soft skills.

12:00 PM How VR is Disrupting the Traditional Learning & Training Models

The possibilities with virtual reality headsets are taking immersion to all types of new levels. Evidence of VR saving time, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and boosting effectiveness of training in learning is unquestionable. This session will outline early adoption success stories and explain scenarios VR can offer L&D practitioners. Not only will you experience the research side of implications and opportunities for VR as an effective tool for learning, you will also get a head start at developing it into your own workplace.
Panelists will discuss:
·       Compare realistic-computer generated environments, first-person perspectives, and virtual training scenarios  
·       Develop interactive computer graphic scenes with real-time engines
·       Use VR for hard and soft skill simulations as well as empathy-induced experiences
·       Allude to technology of what a L&D VR experience can bring to your workforce