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[Q&A with Scott Chamberlain] The Onboarding Process

Scott Chamberlain, Senior Sales Training Manager at 8X8 supplies the strategies that could help speed up and effectively train new sales hires while also speaking about;Tracking key performance indicators, What to use for effectively tracking performance metrics, Predictive analytic models, Variables that influence optimum performance And more! Learn more

Learning Puts the 'Heart' in Talent Management

From a leading industry analyst firm with deep learning and talent management expertise, this white paper shares how learning is a key element for motivating, engaging, and developing talent. Learn how connecting learning and talent processes can be most effective when key data points are shared seamlessly. You'll also see why collaboration and change management support efforts to make stronger talent management connections, and why governance models, process mapping, and technology discussions are fundamental to successful business outcomes when making these connections. Learn more

Measuring Knowledge Investment: A Benchmarking Report from the Corporate Learning Network

Is your company spending more on learning and development this year than in 2013? How are L&D funds allocated? Are you emphasizing certain types of pedagogical methods over others? Is it possible to measure a return on investment for the various learning and development programs you offer employees? These are just of some of the questions we set out to ask with our first ever benchmarking report about the state of knowledge investment in corporate learning and training. Learn more

The ROI of a New Learning Management System (LMS): How to Construct a Successful Business Case

In today’s fast-changing world, the learning management system (LMS) has become mission critical to organizations that are trying to keep employees up to date on everything from the latest technologies and regulatory requirements, to industry certifications, best practices plus job-specific and leadership skills. No wonder the 2010 Brandon Hall research report on Learning Management Systems shows over 65% of organizations now have an LMS in place, with many of them utilizing more than one LMS. Download this whitepaper on how to construct that successful business case for a LMS expenditure. Learn more

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Learning and Analytics: Why learning with analytics bridges the gaps in your workforce's capabilities, improves performance and delivers a quantifiable ROI.

There are always gaps between your strategic goals and your workforce’s capabilities. Training will get you part of the way there, but in isolation not far enough to bridge the critical capability gaps. But all too often, training is managed without the tools to deliver the right training or even measure the real impact of training on the business. How do you know whether it is effective? How do you know whether it delivers a real ROI for your business? Only when you use business metrics and analytics to support your Learning programs will you start to see the impact across the business. Learn more

Talent Management for Small and Medium-Size Businesses

Building a talent strategy for a small or medium-size business (SMB) isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. In fact, it might feel like hitting the road without a map, let alone without a GPS. Learn more

The Future of Attracting, Retaining and Managing Talent

Has your company updated its recruiting process lately? What about your employee benefit options? If not, it’s time to do so. By 2014, 50 percent of the workforce will be made up of Millennials. This group expects to be courted and treated in a way that may seem unfamiliar to older generations. This whitepaper discusses the necessary steps to adjust expectations and change recruiting processes that benefits a multigenerational workforce. Learn more

Managing in turbulent times: Four Drucker strategies for weathering the economic storm

Managing in turbulent times is going to become an important skill for most executives. Slow and low economic growth is now a near-certainty. Couple this with mounting government deficits financed by increased taxes and overworked government printing presses and we have very clear clues to the near-term future. Learn more

Information And Actions

With HR technology, integrated cross-functional data can provide context for actions in the system and allow recommendations and "advice" to be focused and targeted. Think about Amazon.com or other consumer websites that offer suggestions of products based on the item you are searching and information they already have about you. In the workplace, imagine you’ve taken on a new project or task you’ve never done before, and your HR technology provides you with information and recommendations to help with that specific activity. That’s how powerful context can be. Learn more

New Consumer Insights on the Retail Customer Experience

Knowing how consumers like to shop online and in-store reveals opportunities for retailers to turn electronic-savvy price shoppers into loyal customers. Download the results of a recent study that answers questions on what creates a positive, consistent omni-channel experience for buyers. Learn more

13 whitepaper results
of 2