World’s first virtual conference dedicated to higher education & school leaders disrupting traditional learning delivery during Covid-19

19 - 20 May, 2020 | ONLINE EVENT | 8:50 AM - 12:30 PM AEDT

Online and eLearning Virtual Summit: Event Program

Day 1: Tuesday 19th May (8:50 AM - 12:30 PM AEDT)

8:50 AM 

Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

9:00 AM

How MIT’s EdX Platform Is Building Effective Edutech Partnerships, Support & Infrastructure To Rapidly Scale And Deliver Classroom Learning Modules 100%

Speaker: Jennifer French, MITx Digital Learning Scientist Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)

9:30 AM 

Technology Spotlight: Leveraging Research-Backed Techniques and Quick Wins In Digital Learning Delivery To Create Inclusive, Highly Engaging Digital Learning Environments

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10:00 AM 

How the TAFE NSW Digital Lab is exploring scalable emerging technology to complement practical training

The TAFE NSW Digital Lab is exploring how emerging technology can complement and expand the delivering of practical and online learning. Joe will explain:

• How TAFE NSW identified what prototype VR applications they should develop • The process for conducting comparative testing between traditional learning and learning in virtual reality

• Results from comparative testing • How we increased speed and flexibility of voice over content in the immersive experiences leveraging NLP (Natural Language Processing)

• By utilising the NLP system how the team is assisting learning designers to enhance traditional digital content by adding consistent voice content

• Exploring the considerations and processes which are needed to deploy Immersive training content at scale

Speaker: Joe Millward, Innovation Manager, TAFE NSW

10:30 AM BREAK

11:00 AM 

Re-thinking Student Skills & Learning Assessment To Sustain Learning Outcomes & Student Progression During Coronavirus

Speaker: Chie Adachi, Director Digital Learning, Deakin University

11:30 AM 

Developing A Robust Emergency Response Strategy And Overcoming Technical Challenges For Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Learning Delivery

Speaker: Mushtak Dawood, Educational Designer/Digital Uplift Coordinator, UNSW

12:00 PM 

Keep It Suitably Simple: Leading Scaled Change Management & Upskilling Across Academia & University Resources For Rapid Online Learning Deployment

Across 50,000 Students At Griffith University, with 1500 Chinese students unable to travel and 35,000 students overall needing to move from F2F study to online learning, a big change management program for teaching staff was necessary. With over 15,000 students already signed up for 100% online courses, Michael shares how the university:

• Quickly upskilled inexperienced academics through virtual training to leverage online learning platforms

• Identified simple, quick win LMS and digital learning solutions that satisfy student expectations

• Improved student buy in and assurance over learning quality and outcomes

Speaker: Michael Sankey, Professor & Deputy Director Learning Transformations, Griffith University


Day 2: Wednesday 20th May (8:50 AM - 12:30 PM AEDT)

8:50 AM

Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

9:00 AM

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9:30 AM

Build Your In-House Online Learning Capacity Across the Entire Lifecycle: From Curriculum Design to Marketing/Recruitment, Faculty Success & Student Retention

At USC, Susan has directed fully-online programs initially launched with the aid of revenue-sharing partnerships with corporate OPMs (Online Program Management) firms. Such partnerships have enabled USC and many other US universities to rapidly launch and substantially grow their online programs. However, they also come at a high price in terms of revenue share, multiyear contracts, and perpetual dependency on large corporations and their shareholders. As such, in the last several years, Susan has been building internal capacity to run key functional areas beyond the curriculum design and online course development. Specifically Susan will share:

• The key functional areas required to launch, operate and grow fully online programs from market analysis, thought-leadership marketing & lead generation, prospect nurturing and relationship management, faculty support & success, learning platform design and administration and student retention and success.

• Techniques to help academics who are less-enamored with digital learning to thrive in new teaching environments.

• Key insights into how the Covid-19 pandemic may change the way USC and other universities strategize online learning.

Speaker: Susan Gautsch, Director of Online Learning, University of Southern California (US)

10:00 AM

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10:30 AM

11:00 AM

Monash Uni Case Study: Building An Award Winning, In-House Assessments Platform Scaling Across 10 Faculties, 85,000 Students With BYOD Functionality To Improve Online Learning Integrity & Credibility

As the largest provider of invigilated assessments in the world, Cliff led the development of the platform that scaled from a pilot in 1 faculty of the university to successfully scale across faculties across the whole university within 2 years. This solution is helping the university overcome the massive challenge of being able to assess and assure digital learning for students. In this session hear how:

• Cliff developed a completely new process around education assessment for the university with the solution

• The solution can work using just mobile devices and laptops to reduce implementation stress and infrastructure challenges

• The team built a strong analytics engine to improve uniformity of student assessments across the university

• The solution leverages behavior monitoring to accurate map student and teacher cheating behaviors

• Future-proofing the capability with VR/AR

Speaker: Cliff Ashford, Delivery Leader – Research, Education & Business Intelligence, Monash University

12:00 PM

10 Steps To Taking A Human Centred Approach Empower Students and Develop Engaged Online Learning Communities In The Covid-19 Age And Beyond

In this session understand from a lecturer’s perspective, lessons from the “battleground” how you can actually adapt course work, student engagement and teaching styles to build an engaged, proactive online learning community where students feel empowered to control their learning experiences and maximize their morale and well-being.

• Key steps to consider when focusing on community building and engagement to maximize outcome success

• Balancing synchronous and asynchronous learning to ensure practical learning outcomes are sustained online

• Applying and scaling a co-design approach to transferring content and courses online • Giving students agency to make choices and feel empowered to direction their learning across courses

Speaker: Selena Griffith, Senior Lecturer: Design, Innovation, Entrepreneurship at UNSW Art & Design, UNSW 

12:30 PM

Conference Closing

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