5th Annual Online and eLearning Summit 2020 | Australia

5th Annual Online and eLearning Summit 2020
18 - 20 May, 2020 | Melbourne

Pre Conference Workshops: Monday, 6th May 2019

9:00 am - 11:00 am Creating Inclusive and Welcoming Online Learning Experiences at Scale

Andy Saltarelli - Senior Director Digital Learning Design, Evaluation & Research, Stanford University
This workshop session will delve deeper into Stanford University's research on creating inclusive and welcoming online learning experiences at scale — especially for traditionally marginalised students. Our research shows that subtle design cues make certain learners feel unwelcome in online learning environments, which contributes to gaps in persistence and course completion. We have tested practical, scalable, and research-based techniques that make learners feel more welcome and engaged and help them to be more successful.

  • Exploration of the university's learning analytics infrastructure and how it facilitates research and iterative design
  • Exploring how to implement research-based interventions that help learners succeed at scale
  • Developing key takeaways for advancing your organisations face to face, blended and online pedagogy
  • Overcoming the key challenges of creating engaging and welcoming online & e-learning environments

Andy Saltarelli

Senior Director Digital Learning Design, Evaluation & Research
Stanford University

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm From Business Case to Implementation: Deciding Which Immersive Technologies to Integrate Into Your Online & e-Learning Strategy

Joe Millward - Innovation Manager, TAFE NSW
There is no denying that augmented and virtual reality is the latest technology inspiring teachers and being trailed in educational institutions. However- Universities and training organisations are under more strain than ever to innovate their Online & e-Learning offerings with limited budget and resources. Therefore it can be difficult to sell the benefits of AR/VR to your organisation. This workshop will demonstrate the latest disruptive technology and walk you through the process of how you can integrate these technologies into your current strategies: This workshop will:

  • Demonstrate the capabilities of AR/VR
  • Strategies to Engage with multiple departments within your organisation to integrate virtual & augmented reality
  • Developing a business case for the implementation of new technologies in your institution
  • Help you overcome technical issues associated with new technology
  • Driving advocacy and adoption from teachers and trainers
  • Moving from prototypes and pilots to scalable platforms
  • The importance of data portability and contextual analytics

Joe Millward

Innovation Manager

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Online Course Design Strategies to Increase Learning Engagement: A Meaningful Hands-On Exercise for Educators

Mushtak Dawood - E-Learning Advisor, University of Canterbury NZ
Online education is well established in academia; however, the effectiveness of course design on student engagement remains uncertain. To deliver a better online education, students should be engaged though-out the learning process. The workshop provides guidance for educators interested in integrating effective learning technologies to support their online courses, expect to achieve enhanced student engagement as well as more efficient classroom management. This hands-on experience will focus on

  • Different design strategies and tools for higher levels of learning and how to effectively incorporate learning technologies to support synchronous, asynchronous and flipped learning, as well as the integration of planned activities to enhance learning. How can pedagogy be woven into the delivery of online & e-Learning
  • Applying the “Flipped Classroom” methodology to online course design- how this methodology can increase learning outcomes and engagement students 
  • Explore key reasons students can become disengaged with online & e-learning and how you can avoid them
  • Deliver practical takeaways to implement into your organisations

Mushtak Dawood

E-Learning Advisor
University of Canterbury NZ