Achieving Greater ROE in Learning & Teaching With New Generation’s Pedagogy, Space and Technology

Most of the education institutes are creating innovative learning spaces to drive better engagement with the learners. They have also invested in campus design, technologies, furniture and varieties of pedagogy to cultivate the learning spaces that maximize learning outcomes and prepare learners college and career ready. However, many learning spaces delayed Return of Experience (ROE).The education peers are seeking better practices to redesign the learning spaces and linking pedagogy, spaces and technology effectively to meet education institutes and learners’ experience.
The learning spaces manager shared that some educators are not used to the new learning spaces’ changes and unable to harness its opportunities.
The 5th Annual Next Generations Learning Spaces is a platform for education peers (Higher Education & Universities, K-12 International Schools) who are leading their learning spaces projects  to explore some innovative ways to redesign and revamp the learning spaces effectively and efficiently.

2019 Keynote Speakers Include:

Key Conferenence Themes

Continuously improve learning spaces to drive better ROE for next generations learners

Best practices in redesigning learning spaces and benchmarking learners’ performance and engagement

Creating digital learning experiences with  technologies like teaching apps for better learning engagement

Leveraging physical classroom design and technologies to boos learning experiences

Driving change and transformation to actualise and sustain innovative ICT-enabled pedagogical practices

Why Attend?

The only event in Asia that gather international and local learning spaces leader for their learning spaces transformation stories

Discuss and explore the best strategy to improve collaboration of pedagogy, space and technology  to form enhanced ROE

Gain actionable insights from learning spaces managers on new and proven case studies on redesign learning spaces to enrich learning experiences

Uncover the effective change management strategy to shift educators’ Mindset and Embrace Change in Learning Spaces

Engaging with industry experts to optimize learning experiences with innovative learning technologies (such as mobile apps and physical technologies) in the classroom