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5th Corporate Learning Analytics Official Event Packet

While we are still putting the finishing touches to the 2020 agenda, take a look at last year's Corporate Learning Analytics S ...

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Industry Report: What's Trending in Corporate Learning Analytics for 2019?

The Corporate Learning Analytics Summit conducted a survey of 100+ global learning and development leaders between March and April 2018 to gain a better understanding of the direction learning analytics is heading over the next few years. The survey results provide insight into budget trajectories for 2018 and 2019, investment...

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2018 Corporate Learning Analytics Wrap Up Report

Check out the most unforgettable moments from the 2018 Corporate Analytics Week! In addition to providing a breakdown of our audience, our Post Show Report also highlights the:Most talked about sessions, topics & speakersResults from our 2019 industry survey on learning analytics budget, obstacles and prioritiesDetails for our 2019 event!

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Present your approving manager with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend Corporate Learning Analytics and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

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CLA 2019 Past Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at some of the job titles and companies that attended our Corporate Learning Analytics Summit last year!

Past Presentations

Learning for Impact – Achieving a Measurement Mindset Shift

Talent development functions are increasingly expected to achieve a demonstrable impact on business performance, requiring them to better measure individual L&D solutions and define their value at a macro-level. In this workshop, we’ll discuss these expectations and how to shift the L&D measurement mindset so that talent development can further...

A Success Story in Measuring Training Effectiveness (MTE)

Do you need concrete strategies around how to turn your L&D organization into a business metrics driven organization? Are you currently tasked with planning or leading training effectiveness implementation? Through this presentation, you will walk away with best practices to:Initiate a L3/L4 discussion with your senior leaders in the organization,...

Creating a Center of Excellence Using a Data-Driven Approach

Discover a data-driven approach to designing and developing a performance-based learning and development organization. This workshop incorporates a case study reflecting how Ford Learning and Development identified key performance indicators and re-designed processes and metrics to ensure business value. Together, we will examine the role of the learner, instructional designer,...

Progress with the Times: KPIs that Align with Current L&D Challenges

Taking into account the rapid nature of change that we’re all faced with, L&D has the responsibility to the business to clearly define how we can navigate uncertain times with KPIs that truly show ROI. This workshop will demonstrate how ADT has connected the dots between soft skills training and...

Corporate Learning Analytics 2017 Presentations

In preparation for Corporate Learning Analytics 2018, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on fresh research and perspectives, ensuring you hit the ground running with an analytics plan of attack.This packet includes the following presentations:Demonstrating the Return on Investment in...


Top 4 Trends Trending in Corporate Analytics

After surveying 100+ global L&D leaders to gain a better understanding of where learning analytics is headed over the next few years, we created our landmark 2019 report: What's Trending In Learning Analytics?In this short highlights video, we cover some of the key facts & figures covered in the report ...

5 Steps to Smarter Corporate Learning

Technology is changing the way people learn today - Successful data & Analytics transformation needs to focus on 5 elements. What are they? Watch this exclusive Corporate Learning Analytics video to find out more...

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3 Steps for Becoming an L&D Data Detective

In a three-part series, L&D data detective Kevin M. Yates explores how to collect facts, evidence and data for learning’s impact on employee performance and organizational goals.Part one looks at how you can discover facts about what your organization needs to winPart two looks at how to assess the amount...

Are You Answering the Question, "Did Your Training Work?"

Kevin M. Yates, Learning Technology Manager at McDonald's, shares: How L&D can us data/analytics to enable people to optimize their performance in a way that supports organizational objectives and advances their own careerHis approach to successfully finding one thing about a person’s behavior or performance that you can measure and...

The Value of Learning Analytics

In this article written by Patti Phillips, President & CEO of ROI Institute, she discusses about the value of learning analytics and what it enables us to do within our organizations. For a copy sent to your inbox, please email

Learning Analytics Opportunities and Challenges

This one-page inforgraphic explores current facts about L&D, and the consequent opportunities and challenges of learning analytics answered by L&D experts from Edward Jones, Hilton Hotels Worldwide, State Farm, and Covetrus.For a copy sent to your inbox, please email