Learning for Impact – Achieving a Measurement Mindset Shift

Learning for Impact – Achieving a Measurement Mindset Shift

Talent development functions are increasingly expected to achieve a demonstrable impact on business performance, requiring them to better measure individual L&D solutions and define their value at a macro-level. In this workshop, we’ll discuss these expectations and how to shift the L&D measurement mindset so that talent development can further drive improved performance.

Evaluate learning programs and measure informal learning, with the goal of yielding more telling and actionable information on learning gained, content applicability, and increased engagement and performance

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness, efficiency, and business alignment of the talent development function to enable more
  • value and impact-focused reporting with stakeholders
  • Empower L&D professionals to be performance consultants, and position measurement within the L&D lifecycle to better shape development strategies and learning solution design

Presentation by:

Graham Johnston, Talent Development Leader, Strategy and Innovation, Deloitte

Janelle Hughes, Program Manager, Learning Technology, Deloitte

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