JULY 14-15, 2020  |  12-4:15 PM EDT
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In Business Today, Agility Is the Name of the Game

CSOs are responsible for crafting strategies to survive & thrive in the most perilous economy since the Great Depression.

L&D executives must make the organization capable of good strategy execution. This requires collaboration between CSOs & training/learning executives–otherwise the L&D organization will have to be mind-readers with respect to what new things must be learned & when.

There's been a lot of talk about adaptability & agility. This virtual conference moves you beyond all the talk and shows you structured approaches for making it happen.

In the turbulent times ahead, the enterprise has to be structured to withstand sudden blows… avail itself of unexpected opportunities… managed for liquidity & financial strength… and prepared to abandon the unproductive & obsolete–reallocating those resources (i.e., monies & people) to high-yield opportunities.

CSOs will play a major role in adopting new kinds of organizational structures that promote continuous workforce productivity & purposeful innovation. L&D organizations will have to develop relevant learning programs to equip managers/executives with the required skills to convert new strategies into operational reality.

Why Attend?

You'll learn from Amazon's Michael Arena, a proven-tested methodology for reinventing your organization to make it truly agile & innovative. You'll discover a breakthrough organizational structure approach developed by Jim Champy & others for truly assimilating today's groundbreaking technologies (e.g., AI, IA, machine learning and data analytics) to make your organization a more effective competitor.

Plus, you'll hear case studies, winning strategies and evidence-based results from other strategic management leaders & learning executives charged with the awesome responsibility of managing/leading in today's new business climate.

Learn How the Best Are:

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Disseminating the practice of mindfulness to increase workforce productivity & develop mindsets for opportunity maximization

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Enabling global teams to learn from peers, not just formal classes

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Abandoning the unproductive & obsolete, reallocating resources, & transforming to digitally-led learning

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Reinventing themselves to adapt to a low-growth economy & rapidly changing landscape

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