JULY 14-15, 2020  |  12-4:15 PM EDT
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We Can Expect Turbulent Times Ahead

Today’s L&D organization faces unprecedented challenges & opportunities: Scarcer economic resources and a rapidly changing workplace are causing companies to revamp learning goals & learning methods.

In these turbulent times, an enterprise has to be managed–both to withstand sudden blows and to avail itself of sudden unexpected opportunities; this means the fundamentals have to be managed & managed well. In addition to managing for liquidity and financial strength, making resources (e.g., monies, physical assets & people) more productive will become a mission-critical task.

L&D organizations will play a major role in equipping their workforce with the thinking, knowledge, best practices & skills needed to achieve quantum leaps in individual & organizational productivity–which includes building into relevant learning programs systematic, organized, purposeful methodologies for producing & managing successful innovation.

Why Attend?

This virtual conference details the specific tasks L&D organizations have to carry-out to achieve significant & continuous workforce productivity. Presentations will detail how to organize these tasks so that training executives can perform them systematically, purposefully, with understanding & with a high probability of accomplishment. 

Hear case studies, winning strategies, evidence-based results from strategic management leaders & learning executives charged with the awesome responsibility of managing L&D in today's new business climate.

Learn How the Best in L&D Are:

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Disseminating the practice of mindfulness to increase workforce productivity & develop mindsets for opportunity maximization

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Enabling global teams to learn from peers, not just formal classes

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Abandoning the unproductive & obsolete, reallocating resources, & transforming to digitally-led learning

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Reinventing themselves to adapt to a low-growth economy & rapidly changing landscape

Featured Speakers