Jamie Dalferes, Regional VP, Learning & Talent Development  at Lincoln Property Company

Jamie Dalferes

Regional VP, Learning & Talent Development
Lincoln Property Company

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Main Conference Day 2: Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

11:15 AM How are the New Employee Demographics and Digital-Thinking Workforce Driving the Shift in Technology?

It’s no secret that the digital workforce has developed many competencies during their interactions with technology that are leveraged at work. The digital fluency of the workforce has flourished with excellence in the wake of new technology. How does the prevalence of technology in employee’s lives impact their identity development and expressions? How are these complex effects on the workplace driving the digital development and overall shift in technology as their main users?
·       Re-design work for a digital workforce by leveraging competencies and motivations
·       Encourage mindful usage of technology for effective collaboration and focused thinking
·       Unleash the potential of technology in today’s workplace through investment in training and development
·       Discuss employee demographics over the last 3 years in the learning space and how technological advances are enhancing virtual collaboration

2:15 PM Panel Discussion: Job Market: How will Current Jobs Have to Change to Adapt to VR/AR?

VR jobs are currently moving away from traditional gaming application to the newer areas of user experience like VR advertising and marketing. As we see VR startups leveraging technology for business applications, what new software development tools will employers be looking for as the industry only further progresses? Can we prepare for the VR jobs of the future? Will there be more jobs?
·       How will the new potential mainstream technology affect the job market?
·       Understand the likely skills required in the VR world in 3 years
·       Discuss the top career opportunities and fields in the VR Industry
·       Explore the virtual office and integrated virtual reality tools that will affect your industry