Sensemaking in the Midst of Digital Industrial Transformation

We are the generation of leaders who must interpret what becoming more digital means for ourselves, our teams, our functions, our businesses, and our customers. We are creating the story that others will, in the future, review in a case studies and articles. For most of us, this prospect is more than a bit daunting, humbling, and energizing.

The focus of this keynote presentation is to help other learning professionals engage in the process of sensemaking related to the technological transformation of our workplaces as well as our approach to our work as learning professionals. Weick, Sutcliffe, and Obstfeld (2005) boil down sensemaking into two action-oriented questions: what is going on here and what do I do next? In this session we will:

  • Explore the the notion of digital-industrial leadership;
  • Consider the mindset shift required of learning professionals to engage in sensemaking in the midst of transformational change;

Presentation by Ann M. Johnston, PhD Digital Learning Transformation Leader, GE Digital