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Augmented Intelligence for L&D: Immersive Tech and the Future of L&D with Wells Fargo's SVP of Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation

Meet Immersive Tech 2018 keynote speaker Ken Hubbell, the SVP of Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation at Wells Fargo and find out how his team is revolutionizing L&D with voice enabled intelligence augmentation (VEIA), AI, virtual reality and other immersive technologies. Furthermore, find out how they overcame key obstacles such as change resistance, HR compliance, communicating the value of immersive tech to the business and more.

Globalization, Innovation and Whole Person Education: Inside OneCampus ORU

Michael Mathews AVP and Chief Information Officer Oral Roberts University gives us an inside look into ORU's cutting-edge Global Learning Center. The winner of numerous awards, ORU's GLC boasts:

  • Global Learning and Teleportation Classroom – Access in and out of the GLC to/ from any and all continents in the world. Quality of video conference will move people around the world at the speed of light (teleportation).
  • Studio Classroom - Studio for recording any style of distance education, instruction, or classroom media.
  • Virtual Reality Classroom – Full immersive virtual reality (VR) learning room (I.e. Flight simulation, marine biology, engineering, etc.).
  • High Performance Computing Research Classroom - Global access for research that requires supercomputer and high performance access.
  • Global innovation Collaboration Classroom – The think tank for furthering the advancement of instruction.
  • Distance Education Lab classroom – Dedicated for classes online that require a lab or experiential aspect
  • Instructional class for disabilities – A class with portal augmented reality equipment that can be configured to help people with certain learning challenges.
  • Faculty Excellence and Learning Classroom – Room capable to teach all online faculty and traditional faculty on new technologies and new delivery methods.

Goals of Classrooms

  • World class design and functionality
  • Be interchangeable for flexibility
  • Be multi-purpose and multi-function
  • Be viewed as ‘OneCampus’ ORU

Virtualization, Globalization and the New World of Work: A Conversation with Karmiko Burton, Senior Manager, Global Franchise Training & Capability, Taco Bell

Ahead of the Immersive Technology in L&D event taking place May 21 - 22, 2018 in Orlando, FL, we sat down with Karmiko Burton, Senior Manager, Global Franchise Training & Capability, Taco Bell to discuss how immersive tech such as VR, mixed-reality and gamification are revolutionizing the L&D industry by enabling improved performance, employee experiences and customer satisfaction.

Find out:

  • Why it's important for companies to start investing in AR and VR now
  • How immersive tech adds value to Taco Bell's business
  • The future of immersive tech for L&D both at Taco Bell and beyond
  • Actionable advice for jumpstarting your immersive tech journey

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