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The event will be hosted on 21-22 April virtually to explore how you can build next-generation workplaces to drive Workplace Excellence, Enterprise Collaboration and Value Creation.< ...

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Read the Interview - How Technology is Driving Productivity and Collaboration for the Future Workplace

We spoke with 3 leading practitioners in the field to see how technology is redefining the working world through productivity and collaboration: Connie Ang, Director, Strategy & Planning, Singtel Michael Condoleon, Director, Real Estate Asset Management, Asia Pacific, GlaxoSmithKline Alp Altun, Chief Transformation Officer, Allianz SE

Read the article - Rethinking work through the workplace

In this report, we look at:Key considerations for the Asian workplaceTechnological enablementThe implications of an increasingly younger workforceThe role of data in helping to optimize workspacesPhysical features that support productivity and wellness

Read the Article - Next generation exception: How workplaces are evolving to attract talent

Fierce competition has pushed employers to recognise the role of the workspace as a crucial component of attracting top next-generation talent.In this article, we discussed several key factors that organisations requires for their workspace strategy to be successful:Communal spaces that facilitate social interaction Amenities that allow for breaks and promote...

Download the Article - Defining the Future of Work: Combining the Power of People and Technology

From designing job roles, to organising work processes and practices, configuring offices and empowering employees, the opportunity and necessity for iterative change for the future of work is all but impossible to ignore.But what do organisation need to do now? What future-proof considerations do they need to put in place?...

Download the Article- A Look Into the 2030 Office: 11 Technologies & Innovations that will Shape the Future of Office Design

In this overview of the 2030 office, we look at the top 11 solutions, trends and innovations expected to dramatically change office design. Key questions we ask in this report  are:What does the next generation of workers need and want from their workplaces? How will disruptive technologies such as artificial...

Past Presentations

Read 2019 Presentation - Deploying Activity-Based Working (ABW) to Drive Workplace Agility and Employee Engagement

Presentation from James Foo, Vice President, Global Real Estate & Workplace Enablement, American Express Singapore

Read 2019 Presentation - Intelligent Automation: Structuring Your People and Robotics Roadmap

Presentation from John Rutteman, Head of Workforce Strategy, Credit Suisse

Read 2019 Presentation - Holistic Approaches to Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

Presentation from Isabel Austin, Talent, Culture & Engagement Director – Asia Pacific, Experian

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Read How to Facilitate Collaboration in today’s Digital Workplace

Digital workplaces are being designed to enable workers to work with colleagues and partners across and without boundariesIn this article we explore how businesses can successfully facilitate collaboration and engage the multigenerational and contracted workforce through the technologies.CommunityContent managementData and information managementCollaboration Platform

Read the Article - 5 Spectacular Workplaces Blazing A Trail For The Future

In this article we explore five brands across a variety of industries who are paving the way for the future workplace. GOOGLEAIRBNBPRUDENTIALPEOPLE'S CHOICE CREDIT UNIONDIGIBe inspired and start thinking about how your office can transform to be future-ready. 

Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Office: How Twitter & Cigna Build Workspaces That Drive Corporate Values

To help you get started on your journey towards data driven design, we asked Tracy Hawkins, Global Head of Real Estate & Workplace at Twitter and  Sanjiv Awasthi, VP Global Real Estate at Cigna,  how they use data to ensure your office design projects reinforce their company’s unique culture and...

Download the Past Presentation - Welcome to my fave workspace

Past presentation from Audra Pakalnyte, Regional Head of People, Fave Group

5 Strategies to Create Your Next Generation Workplace

We look at five best practice strategies from some of Australia, and the world’s leading organisations, which are helping attract and retain the brightest and best talents through the creation of next generation workplaces that drive innovation, employee experience and productivity through a focus on culture and wellbeing. 

Smart Workplace Design for the World's Largest Workforce: Interview with Walmart's Vice President of Design, Dan Makoski

Dan Makoski, Walmart's Vice President of Design, shares an overview of Walmart's top workplace design priorities for 2018, workplace design trends and the importance of building flexible and mobile workplaces.

Gensler Co-CEO on Future Offices

Which Gensler projects are you most proud of and why?We view every project as an opportunity to make a difference for our clients and our communities, which is an extension of our mission of creating a better world  through the power of design. For a firm that works on projects...

Atlassian: Creating Workplaces that Drive Collaboration & Creativity to Fuel Innovation

Ahead of the Future Workplaces Asia Summit 2019, we chat to Ross Chippendale, Head of Workplace Technology at Atlassian. In this article Ross chats to us about how Atlassian have created collaborative and creative environments through technology that are fuelling innovation and employee productivity.