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Future Learning Spaces 2019 Event Guide

The 6th Future Learning Spaces (formerly Next Generation Learning Spaces) taking place in Boston, November 18-20, will gather teams of university leaders who have created spaces for students and faculty to thrive in. Download your copy of the brochure today to view the different focus trac ...

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The Top 5 Learning Space Design Trends of 2019

Over the past decade, universities and colleges of all types and sizes have started to rethink the traditional classrooms. From incorporating cutting edge technology to maximum flexibility when it comes to room layout, these cutting-edge learning spaces are not only improving classroom design from an aesthetic/comfort point of view, their...

The Top University Construction Projects of 2019-2020

There’s a lot going on when it comes to the future of learning spaces. Whether it’s innovations in small institutions, big universities, academics or facilities management, our upcoming Boston conference November 18th-20th focuses on cutting-edge projects that are true game changers in the world of higher learning. With representatives from...

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7 Approaches for Building Agile and Student-Centered Learning Spaces

Find out how universities from all across the globe are:Designing spaces that cater to different learning typesBlend physical and virtual learningDevelop future-minded instructional techniquesLink space to pedagogy Create unique, individualized learning experiencesMeasure the impact of student engagement 

Developing Flexible and Collaborative Learning Spaces: 3 Approaches

Today’s classroom needs an upgrade to support 21st Century teaching. Despite shifts in teaching methods, the physical classroom has more or less remained stubbornly static. Nonetheless there are notable efforts to address this issue as educational institutions strive for innovation in developing flexible and collaborative learning spaces. To discover more,...

Creating Technologically-Driven Learning Spaces to Foster Innovation

What universities can learn from primary education. With classrooms shifting from whiteboards to smart boards, traditional layouts to open plan spaces, and teacher-led lessons to more collaborative learning experiences, it’s more crucial than ever to recognise these trends to remain competitive. At the forefront of these changes is technology; its...

Makerspaces: Inside the Next Big Learning Spaces Design Trend

Close your eyes. Imagine a space 100% dedicated to creativity. It has exclusive, high-tech tools you can’t find anywhere else. It is outfitted with plush, comfortable furniture that enhance hardcore brainstorming sessions. It’s open and spacious, but contained enough to not be overwhelming. There is only one thing asked of...

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Considering Students’ Learning Differences: The Next Imperative When Designing & Using Active Learning Environments

Mindfully designed active learning spaces support learner-centered teaching and learning strategies that are far from the classic lectures many students are used to experiencing. Using evidence-based interactive and collaborative pedagogies often results in learning spaces that are chaotic, loud and intellectually messy. Knowing that students’ brains aren’t equally wired to...

Equitable Access to Innovation: Building Inclusive Learning-Ready Classrooms at Scale

Within the learning spaces discipline, much focus has been placed on state-of-the-art active learning spaces, and research has shown the value and impact that these spaces can have on student learning and success is well worth the cost. Nonetheless, the prohibitive cost of these high-end spaces leads to inequitable access...

Building an AV Data-Driven Design and Operations Strategy

In higher education today, data analytics is becoming a catalyst to systematically assessing the effectiveness of learning space designs and their maintenance and operations. While university space leaders are getting increasingly creative and granular about capturing data from learning spaces, its overall adoption is still few and far between. Drawing...

Changing Perspectives to Innovate in Collaboration, Accessibility and Teaching and Learning

A commonly heard buzzword in higher education is innovation. But what does innovation look like? What is the purpose of innovation? In reality, innovative practices may have nothing to do with technology. Instead, innovation may simply involve a shift in thinking, a new collaboration, a new perspective. In this session,...

Cloud Computing: How Cloud Computing is Changing Education

Schools and learning institutions that switch to a cloud-based model are reporting increased savings, decreased costs, greater access to content and the ability to provide virtual help. Yet, many institutions are struggling with which elements of IT infrastructure integration. For example: Should you move into the cloud—and when? How do...


The Four Key Elements of Future Learning Spaces

An exploration of the 4 key elements of Future Learning Spaces:Space RedesignCollaborationTechnologyPedagogy

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Future Learning Spaces - Past Attendee List

Here is a list of the job titles and organizations that attended last year's Future Learning Spaces summit (formerly Next Generation Learning Spaces). Take a look to get an idea of who you can expect to meet in Boston this coming November.