Dedicated to learning & development leaders navigating the changing workforce during COVID-19

Online Summit | Free to Attend | 21 - 22 July, 2020

Re-imagining Employee Learning Through Agile Learning Delivery, Innovative Design and Emerging Technology
As businesses around the world postpone and cancel roughly 50% of all in-person meetings, programs and events in response to COVID-19, workplace learning and development is emerging as a hard-hit business activity.

Digital and virtual learning programs have become the new norm, with organisations investing in digital platforms that will continue and maintain learning delivery to their employees. To continue enabling and delivering value-creating efforts, leaders in the L&D and OD space have adapted their program content, delivery and either established or expanded on their virtual learning.

Join us for the Employee Learning & Experience Week to explore all aspects of the changing workforce from learning design & development, to employee performance & wellbeing. 

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Employee Learning & Experience Week

Part 1: Learning Design & Development  

21st July 2020
Attendees will learn from L&D and OD leaders within the industry who are innovating new ways of progressing employee learning and professional development during the COVID-19 pandemic. From digital transformation strategies, to utilising data and analytics, this summit will provide attendees with an insight into how they can improve learning and development for their employees during COVID-19 and beyond

Employee Learning & Experience Week

Part 2: Employee Performance & Wellbeing

22nd July 2020
Attendees will learn from cross industry experts who are headlining employee experiences initiatives within their organisations. With COVID-19 restrictions inhibiting face-to-face collaboration and team building, these innovators are utilising technology, employee insights, and relationship building strategies to motivate and enhance employee experiences, even in remote working environments.


Malcolm Reason

Head of Learning and Development

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Susanne Novak

Technology Area Lead – Head of Teaming


Genevieve MacLean

Head of Global Care Standards and Assurance


Peta-Lee Benson

Head of Digital Workplace

icare NSW

Morgana Waters

General Manager of Organisational Development

QBE Insurance

Dessalen Wood

Chief People Officer



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Understand how to implement and actively utilise communication technology platforms to uplift collaborative remote working environments.

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Learn from L&D & Employee Experience leaders about how using employee data and insights to enhance the overall employee experience.

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Discuss collaboratively with industry peers who are working together to create motivational remote working environments that inspire employees to perform and be productive from home.

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Listen to leaders in this industry who have been guiding a digital transformation in their organisational development programs.

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Engage in interactive polls, live Q&A and networking exercises with a cross industry audience, tailored to enhancing employee learning and experience design.

Day 1 Agenda at a Glance

9:20 AM Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson
9:30 AM Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About” – The Power of Engaging the Employee Voice
Presenter: Dessalen Wood, Chief People Officer, Thoughtexchange  
10: 00 AM Managing A Distributed Learning Network In A Time of Crisis: How ABC Pivoted Original L&D Strategies To A Digital Environment
Presenter: Malcolm Reasons, Head of Learning and Development, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
10:30 AM Thought Leadership Session - Learning Experience Platforms
11:00 AM Utilising Insights, Analytics and Technology To Support The Training and Development of Your Workforce In A Remote Working Environment
Presenter: Genevieve MacLean, Head of Global Care Standards and Assurance, Optus
11:30 AM Maximising Learning and Development Delivery During The COVID-19 Crisis To Enhance Collaboration and Culture Building Within QBE
Presenter: Morgana Waters, General Manager of Organisational Development, QBE Insurance
12:10 PM Conference Closing – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

Day 2 Agenda at a Glance 

9:20 AM Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson
9:30 AM Thought Leadership Session
10:00 AM Ensuring The Performance and Wellbeing Of 45,000 ANZ Employees Through Enabling Video Conferencing and Continued Celebration Of Staff Achievement and Recognition
Presenter: Susanne Novak, Technology Area Lead – Head of Teaming, ANZ
10:30 AM Panel Discussion: Employee Insights For a Better Employee Experience: How Can Uplifting and Collaborating With Your Employees Help Your Organisations Survive COVID-19
  • Peta-Lee Benson, Head of Digital Workforce, iCare 
  • Susanne Novak, Technology Area Lead – Head of Teaming, ANZ
  • Morgana Waters, General Manager of Organisational Development, QBE
11:00 AM Broadening The Definition Of Flexible Working 
11:30 AM Conference Closing – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

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