Empowering L&D leaders to create digital initiatives to attract talent, deliver competitive advantage and demonstrate ROI.

Technology is transforming all businesses across all industries, but people remain any employer’s a most important asset. In order to develop, grow, innovate and adapt, the people need to be better equipped, better trained and better skilled to achieve this, hence the growing investments, at all levels, in L&D. However, there exists a growing disparity in what this should look like, for example the difference in culture and fluidity across generations in the workplace – everyone from Baby Boomers, through Gen X, Xennials, Millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z – is huge, and what matters to each of them can be wildly different. Equally, with many people working remotely, in different offices, in different languages and in different cultural settings, L&D departments must adapt their processes to optimise learning and training programmes for all – an almost impossible job when standardising certain programmes. 

At the Corporate L&D Forum, you have the opportunity to meet other senior leaders in this space, seeking to build a strong L&D culture through digital channels. We’re bringing L&D leaders from around the globe to inspire and empower them to create initiatives at all levels that attract talent, deliver competitive advantage, demonstrate ROI and are fit for the Age of the Employee. Join us this December as we host 2 days of case studies, roundtables, workshops and networking to allow you to flourish in your role as learning and development advocates.

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Why Attend

Start with why – Clearly define what success looks like. Discover how you can implement learning initiatives with measureable impact and learning objectives in mind and guarantee you know what success really looks like.

Upskill your workforce – Technology is an enabler, not the starting point – people, culture and willingness is the key. Learn how to instill this at all levels and put training at the forefront.

Get the most from technology – Industry 4.0 demands more forward-thinking tools, such as Gamification, VR, AR, AI that rely on blended learning software to function effectively. Hear from industry leaders on how digital can power your L&D progammes here.

The war on talent – Attracting, nurturing and retaining the best talent is undoubtedly critical to the long-term success of any company. Get ahead of the war on talent, join the conversation and safeguard the future of your business.

Demonstrate ROI – Getting executive buy-in starts with them understanding what’s actually available. Gain first-hand ideas on how to secure your next initiative and investment to begin building for a brighter tomorrow.

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