Chief Learning Officer Infinitude Creative Group

Jeremy is the Chief Learning Officer at Infinitude Creative Group, a learning agency that develops custom learning solutions. Jeremy started his career as a change management and communication consultant, enamored with the power of words. He soon moved into the learning space, and for the last eight years has been exploring the influences of marketing and behavioral psychology on the learning space. He is the proud father of two, including a son on the autism spectrum, who teaches him more about learning every day. 

Pre-Conference Workshop Day: Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

12:00 PM Instructional Design: Innovation in Learning Delivery Systems

You’ve built great content, but your learners don’t seem to care. They’re not engaging with your learning. Why? Companies spend billions of dollars trying to understand consumer behavior, resulting in marketing strategies aimed at getting consumers to buy their products. In those same organizations, there are L&D groups that may not be leveraging the same insights and strategies to reach their learners. Treat your solution like a product and minimize the friction between your solutions and your learners.

This workshop will examine the Fogg Behavior Model and how companies seek to minimize “friction” between us as consumers and their product offerings. If you look at your learning solutions as a product that you want your learners to consume, where are you creating friction that discourages those learning consumers? And what can you do about it? You’ll leave this session with a “friction assessment” of your learning ecosystem, along with a tool kit of strategies you can explore to minimize that friction in your organization. Moreover, you’ll leave with a new perspective on your learners, their motivations and how you can best reach them.

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