Director Global Technical Learning Microsoft

Catherine has a solid track record of leading and developing world class teams delivering fast moving curriculum development and integration projects incorporating acquisitions and new business development. She currently. is Director of Global Technical Learning Products. She has previously led the Global L&D GCO team at Expedia led teams for Microsoft delivering the Xbox, Zune and Surface Customer Support groups  

Catherine is passionate about learning and development having spent her formative years teaching High School and as a professor at the Seattle Pacific University and has an acute awareness of the importance of building lasting relationships. 

Catherine holds multiple educational qualifications including a Bachelors in Teaching, a Masters of Education together with Masters Degrees in Educational Technology and Instructional Design 

2021 Corporate Learning Week Program

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Conference Day 1: Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Monday, March 9th, 2020

12:00 PM Successfully Executing the Plan: How Strategy Mapping Helps the Learning Organization (KEYNOTE)

Despite the anecdote, people don’t just “soak up information like a sponge.” It has to be communicated to them in some way. That communication is key to the successful transmission of that knowledge. But how do learning organizations communicate that to the masses? How do they explain the reason for the learning and the endgame? In two words: strategy mapping. It provides a visual representation of where your organization is going and how learning will help achieve those all important business goals. In short, a well-designed strategy map gives clear instruction on how employees can contribute to the success of the organization. In this session, learn how to create your learning organization’s strategy map, its key components and ways to execute on a winning plan for your company.

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