About Corporate Learning Week

Add "Future-Ready" To Your L&D Mission & Purpose

"Future-Ready." It's fast becoming the most important topic within training/learning organizations. After all, you & your colleagues are faced with new demands and uncertainty almost daily. Today's chief concerns – leadership in an age of social activism, AI, IA, remote learning, using data science to transform information into competitive advantage, the personal learning cloud (PLC), and all the rest were unheard of just a few years ago.

New Economic Worries & The Impact On L&D Leadership/Management Development Programs

The annual federal deficit – the difference between what the government generates and revenues mostly through taxes & what it spends – is now an eye watering $3.1 trillion (and rising quickly). The accumulated public debt – the sum total of all past federal deficits – has skyrocketed from $23 trillion to more than $27 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicts these numbers will grow much larger in the near-term future. News like this is usually greeted with a nationwide yawn. But, truth be known, this will have a major impact on individuals and corporations. In brief, we can expect the government to print more money and/or raise individual & corporate taxes to finance the ever-growing deficits. Printing more money will likely lead to significant inflation. Raising taxes to the levels now being quoted by politicians, will dampen business investment & consumer spending – leading to a slow/low/no growth economy. Subjects such as inflation accounting, pricing in inflationary economy, and dozens of other topics will have to be high on L&D's management development/leadership core program content.

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Prepared

This year's virtual CLW 2021 provides you you need to cope, adapt, and adjust to a rapidly arriving, disruptive future. Simply put, what kind of training do management and knowledge professionals need in order to achieve corporate objectives and perform in a different market, a different economy, a different technological environment, a different society?

What's Different About This Virtual Conference?

Plenty! It helps you move beyond all the talk about what's happening and what's apt to happen. You will learn exactly how others are implementing new kinds of virtual training and self-directed manager learning programs that prevent "burnout" and "boredom" while simultaneously improving the wealth-producing capacity of the organization. Our Drucker Master Class Day covers of the most important topics needed to survive & thrive – Leading Change & Producing & Managing Innovation & Internal Entrepreneurship. Click here for more information about Drucker Day.

Program Highlights

  • Launching & a skilling & re-skilling workforce development initiative. .
  • Ensuring adoption of AI & advanced analytics by educating everyone, from top leaders down in what they (as a function or management group) specifically have to know to capture the full AI opportunity. 
  • The newest methodologies (e.g.,OKR) for aligning training with corporate goals. .
  • Learning Analytics: Why the best are business-driven & how L&D must collaborate with various groups to identify the measurements that matter most. .
  • How the personal learning cloud (PLC) is overcoming the skills transfer gap & low ROI of traditional executive/leadership educational/training programs. .
  • The L&D organization as global knowledge broker: Enabling the worst performers to learn from the best & capturing knowledge gained in one part of the world to be used to gain advantage in another.
  • Organizing principles for learning from people within the organization, not just formal classes… and how this enables specialists/knowledge workers to share their experiences & solutions with others creating both higher individual knowledge worker productivity. .
  • Equipping front-line executives with the right kind of data literacy/competing on analytics training to maximize the contribution of data science groups to the health, survival, & growth of the enterprise. .
  • Peter F. Drucker's prescriptions for leading change including abandonment of the unproductive and obsolete, continuous, organized improvement, exploiting successes, & how to appropriately introduce change. .
  • The realization that producing and managing innovation of all kinds requires a structured approach that can be taught, learned, & practiced (innovation is not a Eureka moment but rather an acquired management skill). .
  • Reinventing organizational structures for managing a knowledge-based workforce – and the role of continuous learning & formal courses. .
  • Design thinking for L&D & and other training/learning mission-critical topics. .
  • And much, much more!