Corporate Learning Week

March 09 - 30, 2021 | Virtual Conference

25 Reasons Why CLW 2020 Is a Must Attend Event

Experience teaches us to reduce the number of our mistakes. But none of us has the time for continuous trial and error learning. We must learn more and more through the experience & knowledge of others.

Internal training organizations (ITOs) must become "a learning organization." Simply put, ITOs must become a determined copycat/adapter enhancer. Learn from the best. The only operative question should be: "Will what we learn at at CLW 2020 from successful others work–with a twist or two–for us?

At CLW 2020, you'll learn from a virtual "who's who" in the world of training. If you've adopted/adapted (after the conference) fewer than 10 great new ideas, we suggest beefing up your "creative swiping" program.

1. How the best are launching & managing pioneering skilling & re-skilling workforce development initiatives.

2. How the best are ensuring adoption of AI & advanced analytics by educating everyone, from top leaders down in what they (as a function or management group) specifically have to know to capture the full Artificial Intelligence (AI) opportunity.

3. How the best are reinventing the corporate university model or its equivalent to take advantage of today's fast-growing state/federal government incentives for skilling & re-skilling.

4. How the best are crafting very specific training strategies (what-to-do) & tactics (how-to-do-it) plans based on the beacons of continuous productivity improvement & purposeful innovation–the two key drivers of corporate wealth creation.

5. How the best competently & with impact collaborate with HR departments to create and maintain their organization's talent factory.

6. How the best use as the ultimate measure of their ITO's success the depth of the organization's executive bench… and their valuable lessons relating to why so many ITOs fail in building leadership at the top.

7. How the best sharply differentiate between formal/structured learning programs & continuous learning which focuses on learning from others in the organization, not formal courses... and how they're integrating these two types of learning mechanisms into "ideal total learning programs."

8. How the best are helping reshape their organization's "career product" by customizing continuous learning and formal courses to the specific needs of a knowledge-based workforce… and how these initiatives are working miracles to attract and retain talent.

9. How the best systematically abandon unproductive & obsolete training/learning activities that no longer contribute or never contributed… and concentrate resources on the things that improve their organization's ability to compete more effectively.

10. How the best are producing quantifiable gains for in knowledge worker productivity & reducing absenteeism/turnover through rigorous training in the practice of self-management & mindfulness.

11. How & why the best distinguish between management development & manager self-development–and why this distinction is resulting in quantum leaps in individual & organizational productivity.

12. How the best use strategy maps and other tools (e.g., OKR or Objectives & Key Results) for aligning training with corporate goals.

13. How the best are training executive/managers to become analytics literate (i.e., to help facilitate meaningful communication between front-line managers & data science groups).

14. How the best use learning analytics that are business-driven, collaborate with various functional groups to identify business measurements that matter most, & show beyond doubt the true return on training investments.

15. How the best are using the personal learning cloud (PLC) to overcome the skills transfer gap & low ROI of traditional executive/leadership educational/training programs.

16. How the best are transitioning into becoming global knowledge brokers–enabling the worst performers to learn from the best performers & capturing knowledge gained in one part of the world to be used to gain competitive advantage in another.

17. How the best distinguish between"information" & "knowledge"… and how this distinction is leading them to design skill-based training programs that ensure "information" taught at learning programs is put into immediate practice.

18. How the best are utilizing the ageless wisdom of Peter F. Drucker & the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to make fast-track managers into infinite learners–those who not only enjoy learning but feel the constant need to acquire new skills immediately applicable to specific work & performance.

19. How the best are reinventing their management/leadership programs to enable executives to prepare for a rapidly arriving, disruptive future.

20. How the best are implementing successful outcomes innovation training programs using a structured approach that can be taught, learned, & practiced (innovation is not a Eureka Moment but rather an acquired management skill).

21.How the best develop on-demand performance support systems that really work… and enable employees to interact with subject matter experts and other employees concerning specific application questions.

22.How the best determine the gap between future needs and present competencies as measured along dimensions of skills, knowledge, and attitudes… and how they close this human resource staffing gap via competency upgrades, massive re-skilling, and strategic hiring of required talent.

23. How the best develop formal and informal learning programs for career specialists with advancement possibilities typically limited within their specialty (e.g., How many research scientists can become head of the lab?).

24. How the best decide what they do best and, then, outsource the rest… and how they manage outsourced training/learning activities using well-crafted metrics. (This is becoming more critical when doing more with less is rapidly becoming a key priority).

25. How the best continuously self-assess their ITO through a formal strategic planning process that helps them revisit their mission, determine future direction, & develop a plan to achieve excellence in performance.

For more information on all the new and exciting things we have planned for this year's program, download the agenda by entering your details below or email us for a copy!