Exclusive Q&A: Delivering Wider Outcomes With Limited Budgets

Exclusive Q&A: Delivering Wider Outcomes With Limited Budgets

In good practice (and business), we can assume that most internal training organizations try to avoid exorbitant cost-spending, even more-so when that money is coming from your local taxpayers.

Adele Cook, Chief Learning Officer of the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) and upcoming speaker at Corporate Learning Week 2020 knows this quite well. When working for an organization that’s regulated by the federal government, she knows they need to be a good steward of the tax payers’ money or risk being fined for being off target.

In this exclusive interview, Adele gave us a sneak peek into her CLW2020 session about:

  • how government groups are meeting internal and external training needs
  • what she believes to be the most important element when delivering a course
  • the single defining variable as to who does well or not in a course
  • how she’s approaching their budget in unique and innovative ways

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