Conference Day 1: Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Many L&D organizations are learning from unexpected failures during the painful process of transforming to meet today's new realities. However, it's much better and far less expensive to learn from studying success. Discover the specific leadership/management content and digital disruption tools/strategies now required to prepare organizational leaders for thriving & surviving in today's turbulent business environment.

The conference program is organized around three Peter F. Drucker-inspired questions – namely: (1) making the present L&D organization more effective; (2) identifying & realizing high yield training/learning project/activities and; (3) making the L&D organization into a different organization for a different future. Each task has a distinct approach & asks different questions – but they are inseparable in terms of defining the job of L&D executives in an era of uncertainty & instability.

You'll learn how the best are revamping their organizations' learning goals, methods and departments to supply required skilling, re-skilling & up-skilling in more digitally customized ways with a strong emphasis on moving from teaching to learning.

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Successfully Executing the Plan: How Strategy Mapping Helps the Learning Organization (KEYNOTE)

CATHERINE CURTIS - Director Global Technical Learning, Microsoft

Despite the anecdote, people don’t just “soak up information like a sponge.” It has to be communicated to them in some way. That communication is key to the successful transmission of that knowledge. But how do learning organizations communicate that to the masses? How do they explain the reason for the learning and the endgame? In two words: strategy mapping. It provides a visual representation of where your organization is going and how learning will help achieve those all important business goals. In short, a well-designed strategy map gives clear instruction on how employees can contribute to the success of the organization. In this session, learn how to create your learning organization’s strategy map, its key components and ways to execute on a winning plan for your company.



Director Global Technical Learning

12:45 pm - 2:30 pm How Leveraging Learning Data Makes Your Organization’s Employees Perform Better - (SPEX KEYNOTE)

Strong performers can make the difference in any company. That being said performance, itself, is tied to learning, but how do you measure it? And then once you have that measurement, how can leaders turn it into action? In this session, we take a case study approach to learning data and how to apply it to lead to better employee performance. Learn:

  • What metrics are most critical to track
  • What the data says about the learning and the effectiveness of the content
  • How to measure progress and knowledge retention

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm Expanding the Learning Ecosystem: Diverse Content Delivery and Instruction for the Engaged Workforce (SPEX KEYNOTE)

Today’s employees crave learning and development. While the desire is universal, the where, what, when, why and how of learning is unique to every worker. That’s why a diverse learning ecosystem is urgently needed by organizations and companies. Components of such a system include content that is relevant and assessable whenever and wherever the employee needs it, can be learned at any pace, is optimized for shared and social learning, can be used on-the-job and evolves with the learner. The ecosystem must also provide real-time tracking and transparency. In this session, learn:

  • About the various ways content and instruction can be delivered in an expanded learning ecosystem
  • How to pair the different learning modalities with the proper learning technologies
  • How to track the ROI of development and evolve the learning ecosystem

Interactive Group Discussions:

Interactive Discussion Group #1

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Interactive Discussion Group #1: Content is Key – Fostering a Learning Culture with Relevant and On-Point Content

When it comes to learning, it’s not just about the delivery system. It’s also about the content. Content is key in a supported learning culture. It has to be relevant to the company, its product and the bottom line. It also has to be interesting for the learning, not to mention usable and quick. Successful content will foster and grow the learning company every company has to have in place. Key takeaways from this session include:

  • How curated content can support the developmental goals of the company/organization
  • Why content has to be available 24/7 for the developing learner
  • The best ways to deliver content

Interactive Discussion Group #2

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Interactive Discussion Group #2: Leadership Development and the Future of Work

Often times, L&D focuses heavily on the employee and what they need to know to do their job. While that is significant, a smaller portion of company’s population – the leaders – is forgotten. They need development too. A learning culture that supports leaders just as it supports the overall workforce can lead to higher employee engagement, retention, and can promote competiveness. In this session, learn how to focus leadership development in a way that ensures growth and positivity in management.

2:00 pm - 2:15 pm BREAK

Interactive Group Discussions:

Interactive Discussion Group #1

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Interactive Discussion Group #1: Measuring Effectiveness – How to Find and Address Weaknesses that Improve Learning and Development Programs

Learning and Development is under the microscope. Leaders want to know if the current program is effective and if it’s not why? If it’s not measuring up, the ramifications could be costly both to the employee and the business as a whole. In this panel discussion, learning about the approaches panelists have taken to measure ROI and to ensure success in their programs. Also learn how they identify weaknesses in the program and address those leading to improvement.

Interactive Discussion Group #2

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Interactive Discussion Group #2: Development as a Service: Personalizing Success

Today’s workforce wants career growth opportunities; around ¾. Furthermore, 68% of workers believe training and development are the most opportunities at their companies. Around 87% millennials say professional development very important to them. What can leaders do to grasp the significance of growth opportunities and make them a priority at their company?

3:30 pm - 4:15 pm Enabling Transformation through an Agile Learning Organization

Detlef Hold - Head of Digital Learning, Genentech

Corporate Learning’s role today is to help drive the strategy and transformation of the organization on an ongoing basis. Discover how to position learning to learn as a skill for the future.

  • Build a better understanding of how peer learning and teamwork are essential to an agile learning organization
  • Bring the new flow of people up to speed quickly
  • Learn in the flow of work
  • Focus on critical, strategic and creative thinking as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence take over transactional tasks

Detlef Hold

Head of Digital Learning